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The Bachelorette recap: Who went home? Jason gets a one-on-one, Chris turns up the immature drama

Becca and Chris during July 2 episode of The Bachelorette
Becca and Chris during July 2 episode of The Bachelorette. Image via: ABC

The July 2 episode of The Bachelorette took Becca and her suitors to Richmond, Virginia. After Becca showed off the city to viewers, she sat down to chat with host Chris Harrison about where they are at with the season. She noted that the guys weren’t making it easy on her, as there were so many great ones left. It was then time to start off the week in Richmond.

The first date card was a one-on-one with Jason. The card noted that life is full of surprises and Jason was very excited about the date. Chris, stating that he would want a one-on-one or even a two-on-one, sparked a discussion where he told everyone he wanted a chance to spend time with Becca. It led to some heated arguments, particularly with Lincoln, with Chris cussing him out to bring an end to the conversation.

Jason’s one-on-one date

Becca and Jason spent some time in a museum before heading to Unhappy Hour, which is a gothic outdoor party in Richmond. At the same time that the date was taking place, the guys were back at the house talking about Chris, who was brooding out on the terrace.

Becca provided a voice-over during her date with Jason for the audience, sharing her surprise about how far their relationship has grown.  Meanwhile, on screen, they were kissing on a trolly ride. They then went to a bar where some of his friends were waiting. Each of his friends talked well about Jason when he was out of the room.

At the one-one-one dinner, Becca opened up about losing her father when she was young. Jason spoke about feeling comfortable opening up to Becca as well. She gave him a rose to close out dinner, but then told him that there was one more surprise. They climbed to the balcony of a clock tower to kiss and look at the city.

Group date

For the group date, Becca invited Colton, Garrett, Wills, Conner, Blake, Lincoln, and Chris to “make history.” They traveled to the state capital to learn a little bit about history and then the guys learned that they would be participating in a debate. Each of the men became a candidate, standing at a podium on the capital steps to win over her heart.

As expected, while questions were being answered, it turned into Chris and Lincoln going after each other in front of a huge audience. Becca appeared very uncomfortable, especially with Chris cursing in public and in front of the Governor of Virginia. She would later state in her interview that she didn’t like feeling like she was back in elementary school.

It got worse at the cocktail party, as Chris and Lincoln kept going at it, first about each other while sitting with Becca and then when they were in front of the guys. It derailed a lot of the evening. Later, Colton would receive the rose for this date, with Becca stating that he had treated her like a princess.

Leo’s one-on-one

For Leo’s one-on-one date with Becca, it began with a plane ride over Richmond. When the plane ride was over, Becca spoke with Leo about being emotionally exhausted after the past few days. She was worried about having to fake it on this date and Leo put her mind at ease, stating that they didn’t have to do anything at all on the date. After they had a good talk, they went out to shuck oysters. That had fun out in the water gathering them.

At the dinner, Leo and Becca got even closer, and she gave him a rose. She was very pleased that he was able to help her move on from the drama of the past few days on the show. After the rose was given, she led him out on the town for a concert at one of the local theaters. Morgan Evans performed for them and the crowd that was in attendance. They then proceeded to kiss in front of the crowd.

Chris stalks Becca

After Leo got back to the hotel following his one-on-one date, Chris stormed out and tracked down Becca to try to talk to her some more. As with most of these situations over the history of The Bachelorette, this did not go well. It didn’t go how Chris wanted, and she said it was time to send him home. He was extremely rude when she offered to walk him out, which simply confirmed she had made the right decision.

Rose Ceremony

Becca skipped the cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony this week, putting all of the guys on the spot. Jason, Leo, and Colton entered the night with roses from their dates. Becca then handed out roses to Garrett, Blake, and Wills. That meant that Lincoln and Conner would be going home. Six men are left competing for Becca’s heart. Next week they all head to The Bahamas.

The Bachelorette airs Monday night at 8/7c on ABC