The Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay discusses her private relationship with Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay discusses why her married life is so private. Pic credit: @therachlindsay/Instagram

Bachelor Nation got to know Rachel Lindsay when she was The Bachelorette for Season 13 of the show.

Rachel and her winner, Bryan Abasolo, are still together and married today. However, not much is heard about them as a couple.

Rachel works as a television and podcast host, as well as an author. Bryan, aka Dr. Abs, is a chiropractor and a co-host of the podcast Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation alongside fellow Bachelor alum Mike Johnson.

Rachel and Bryan live a private lifestyle when it comes to their relationship and marriage in the public eye, and they have settled down in Los Angeles with their dog.

Although they are as happy and strong as ever as a couple, fans wonder why Rachel and Bryan don’t post photos often on their social media accounts.

Now Rachel is opening up about why she and Bryan have decided to keep their relationship more on the down-low and out of the public eye.

Rachel Lindsay discusses where Bryan is and more

Recently, Rachel took to her Instagram account to talk about why she and Bryan have decided to keep their relationship off the grid.

On her Instagram page, she shared some rarely seen photos and videos of her and Bryan and captioned them saying, “Everyone is always asking ‘Where is Bryan?’”

She divulged more information on her blog called Honestly, Rach, when she revealed the following: “The most common questions I get on social media are: where is Bryan and when are you having babies?”

Rachel then answered this bluntly by saying, “Let me be frank, Bryan is none of your business. I am joking… well half joking. I totally understand the reasoning behind the inquiries, the curiosity, and the interest. We met on a reality television show centered on finding love. The audience became invested in our story, our love, and our future.”

She went on to discuss that, because of that, she knows fans are naturally going to be curious and see if they’re still doing ok. Rachel also talked about how fans always want to know what is next for them.

Rachel added, “They want the love story to still play out for their public perception. But our contractual public story ended on August 7, 2017. At that point, we decided that we wanted to control the future of our relationship.”

Rachel Lindsay makes a connection between social media and couples

In fact, Rachel said she truly believes there is a correlation between couples and their happiness and how much they post on social media.

She stated, “It is interesting to me that people want to define the success and happiness of our relationship by the number of social media posts, comments, likes, and stories we post.”

Rachel went on to say, “By carefully choosing what we want to disclose… we stay true to who we are as a couple. It is so easy to fall into the social media trap as an indicator to the status one’s relationship.”

She then talked about how many couples break up just days after posting photos together, looking as happy as ever.

Rachel ended her blog by telling fans not to worry about her and Bryan and their marriage together because they are 100% good, happy, and in love.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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