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The Bachelorette: Karl Smith has his say during The Men Tell All

karl smith katie thurston
Karl Smith has his say about what he knew that caused Katie Thurston to cry during a cocktail party on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette will feature the men who left Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette as they sit down with their former roommates and the series’ star of the show to talk about their experiences.

The Men Tell All promises to be an evening of explosive reveals with some contestants who received plenty of unwanted attention for their actions.

The series on social media shared a teaser clip for the episode. In it, Tayshia pointed the finger at one of the biggest shockers from early this season, Karl’s admission that there were contestants who were not there for the right reasons.

Karl had his chance to respond to the accusations that he stirred the pot for the other men on the show and reveal what he really knew that caused him to estrange himself from the other competitors.

His motives have come into question during a taped confessional for the series where he claimed, “I didn’t come here for the bromance; I came here for the followers.”

During a cocktail party later in that same episode, Katie asked the men to come to her if there were any issues they wanted to address. This allowed Karl to speculate some contestants did not have the best intentions for being there and caused Katie to cry after learning the news.

Show host Tayshia Adams grills Karl

During the Men Tell All episode, one-half of the show’s hosting team, Tayshia Adams, asked Karl directly about the reasons behind his actions.

“If we are talking about drama, then we have to talk about the wrong person bomb Karl dropped at the second cocktail party,” Tayshia stated.

“Why was everyone so upset with Karl that night?” she questioned.

“More than just flat out annoyed and frustrated,” said James Bonsall. “I was more confused. I know his rebuttal is going to be it was Thomas [Jacobs], but I think that was a lucky coincidence.”

Karl revealed who he wanted to warn Katie about

In response, Karl claimed he was aware of information that others in the house did not know.

“I guess there were some things I knew that you weren’t privy to, right? That you didn’t know you didn’t get. Then she wanted me to give her a specific name, and I wouldn’t,” he said.

When the other contestants told him this was the time to come clean with what he knew, Karl finally admitted who he wanted to warn Katie about.

“Of course, it was Thomas. I didn’t have enough concrete evidence to say, ‘kick this dude out’ that’s not the approach I tried to take,” he said in defense of his actions.

Tre Cooper called Thomas out in the clip, saying that if it were just one person he was talking about, why did he say it was multiple guys?

The clip ended with Tayshia asking Karl if there were anything more he’d like to say.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.