The Bachelorette: Fans try to figure out who Jason Alabaster is covering up on his screensaver

Jason Alabaster
Jason Alabaster hides his phone screensaver. Pic credit: @jason.alabaster/Instagram

Jason Alabaster is in Gabby Windey’s final three men on this co-Bachelorette season, along with Erich Schwer and Johnny DePhillipo.

While Jason has stated that he isn’t sure whether or not he can get to the point of proposing by the finale, he has shown a strong connection and definite feelings for Gabby.

As of now, Jason is still in the running to be the final one standing at the last rose ceremony, which is why viewers want to know why he put an emoji over his phone in a recent picture.

As Jason posed with his beautiful mother outside a venue, he had his arm protectively around her as they looked at the camera.

On the table, next to their napkins, silverware, and a drinking glass, was Jason’s phone, face up.

Over the top half of the screensaver or whatever was open on his phone at the time was a big red heart emoji; therefore, Bachelor Nation has been speculating on just what Jason was hiding from everyone.

Jason Alabaster hides what is on his cell phone

Initially, Jason posted this photo of himself with his adoring mom on his Instagram story, but it was then reposted to Reddit.

As Jason sat with his shirt unbuttoned and some chest hair showing, he looked cool, calm, and collected as he enjoyed some relaxation time with his mom.

Whether or not he was hiding someone on his screensaver or preventing people from seeing the words on his phone screen, fans didn’t waste any time discussing why he put the emoji over it.

Bachelor Nation speculates on Jason Alabaster’s reason for the emoji

One user felt like maybe Jason just wanted some attention from fans, so he put the emoji over his phone. However, another came back and stated, “Not sure about that because I definitely don’t think he’s the type of guy who’s looking for attention.”

Reddit comments
Pic credit: @u/Always_hannah/Reddit

Others guessed why he would need to keep the details of his screensaver of words private, as they guessed that maybe someone’s kids were on there or just something he didn’t want the world to see.

Someone even wrote, “I agree, I think this could just be hiding a text notification where someone’s phone number is visible? Or something like that!”

There were a few, too, who thought it could be someone’s number, emails, or social media accounts that Jason didn’t want everyone to be able to view.

Other viewers thought maybe he was hiding someone's name or text message or email.
Pic credit: @u/Always_hannah/Reddit

Another viewer stated it wouldn’t be Gabby Windey he hid

One user even claimed, “If he is with Gabby, I don’t think he’s make her his lock screen. That would be way too obvious of a spoiler when he’s with friends or just out in public in general.”

After seeing that, another person agreed, while one more thought it was a text thread with someone’s photo on it and not the lock screen.

Still, another laughed off the whole thing as the viewer wrote that Jason probably did it to get a rise out of fans because he knows they would be zooming in on his phone to get any juicy news and info they could.

While some didn't think it was Gabby because that'd be too obvious, others made guesses on what Jason was hiding.
Pic credit: @u/Always_hannah/Reddit

Regardless of who is, or is not on Jason’s lock screen, screensaver, or phone in general, Bachelor Nation is anxious to see who Gabby ends up with at the end and if it is, in fact, Jason.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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