The Bachelorette fans are ready to protect Michael A at all costs but should he be The Bachelor lead?

Michael Allio films for The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette viewers want Michael Allio to be the next Bachelor after he returned the focus to Katie following the Thomas drama Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette fans have fallen in love with widowed contestant Michael Allio.

Viewers have been debating whether Katie should pick him or if he should be the next Bachelor lead.

During last week’s episode, Michael opened up about his wife’s cancer story. He won viewers over with his compassion and outlook on life after losing his wife.

While viewers think he’s a great catch and would like to date him themselves, they don’t know if he’s the right match for Katie.

Fans want to “protect” Michael from any potential heartbreak from Katie and from the cruel, cold world as a whole due to his wholesome nature.

“bachelor nation with Michael A,” one viewer tweeted along with the “protect” meme.

Instead of hoping that Michael will win The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation feels that Michael A. should get his own season and opportunity to meet his own set of women.

“Michael A for the next Bachelor,” one fan tweeted along with a meme that reads, “THAT IS MY BABY.”

One fan gave their full analysis of the Michael situation, writing, “Michael A is too precious and getting too attached. I’m scared for him. I don’t do spoilers but I just have a feeling she’s gonna break his poor little heart. [heart break emoji] But he’d be a great Bachelor”

Michael A. wins over The Bachelorette viewers even more

During Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Michael A. continued to win viewers’ approval.

Many of the guys were fixated on whether Thomas Jacobs was there for the wrong reasons and spent their time with Katie discussing that.

However, Katie herself had said she didn’t want to give the drama any more attention, and Michael delivered on that request.

They spent their cocktail party time talking about their one-on-one date from the prior week and how much their connection was growing.

One fan commended Michael, tweeting, “Michael A is the only one with sense. He’s talking about his relationship with Katie not anyone else.”

A Bachelorette fan tweets about Michael A.
Pic credit: @bachfan2020/Twitter

Additionally, viewers loved how much Michael was into Katie’s fierce speech directed at Thomas. He expressed what Bachelor Nation was feeling and showed that he loves when a strong woman is able to stand up for herself.

Michael A. and his wife’s story

During last week’s episode, Michael shared his and his late wife Laura’s emotional story.

He and Laura met in college and got married in 2012. He called Laura the first love of his life and spent four married years together before they had their son.

A year later, Laura was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away from it two years later.

Michael said he missed Laura terribly but thinks it would be “a gift to fall in love twice.”

Fans expressed how Michael melted their hearts with his story and optimistic outlook in spite of it.

This episode is what initially started the campaign for Michael as the next Bachelor.

One fan tweeted, “Crying like I just watched a romance film, Michael for Bachelor”

Another asked, “Is it too early to campaign for Michael A. for Bachelor?”

Judging by Bachelor Nation’s outlook as a whole, it certainly isn’t too early. Producers may be taking notes and pleasantly surprise fans by making him the next Bachelor.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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