The Bachelorette: Another woman has come forward with more alleged information about Nate Mitchell

Nate Mitchell
Nate Mitchell is under fire again. Pic credit: @nate_mitchell12/Instagram

Nate Mitchell, a current contestant on The Bachelorette, has been under fire recently for allegations made against him.

Bachelor Nation fell in love with Nate from the very first episode because he seemed so genuine and talked to Gabby about the love he had for his daughter.

However, in the past week, two women have come out with claims against Nate and their relationships with him.

One woman was apparently dating Nate for over a year and a half, and she stated that Nate had never once mentioned to her that he had a daughter. In fact, she claimed she found out when Nate told Gabby on the show.

Another woman said she and Nate were also in a relationship during the time of other relationship which meant that they overlapped and he was dating two women at the same time.

Now, a third woman has come forward with allegations against Nate as well, and viewers are reacting to the troublesome new reveal.

A third woman has come out with information about Nate Mitchell

According to a fan site on Instagram, @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt, yet another woman has come forward regarding what Bachelor Nation is calling #NATEGATE.

While this third woman is not wanting to come forward publicly, she did send a message about Nate giving another story about his alleged past and relationships.

The woman wrote, “Just saw your article on Nate. It gets a lot worse. I’d like to stay completely anonymous. I am very close to someone who was intimately involved with Nate for years, while he was married! He would bring her to his house when is wife was gone and she even knew his daughter.”

She went on to say, “Then when his daughter got old enough to talk and learned her name, she had to stop going around. He ensured her the whole time that the divorce was all but final but definitely happening. He toyed with her and lied to her so many times, and she fell for it. I have met him myself. He is extremely manipulative and is fake as h***. Expose him!”

Bachelor Nation fans react to this new alleged information

Rumor has it that Bachelor franchise creator, Mike Fleiss, was leaning towards naming Nate as the next Bachelor, but now that all of this is coming out, might be rethinking this idea.

One viewer agreed as they wrote, “Hope this means they’ll get Tyler C. or Peter Krause for bachelor now,” and another fan posted a sarcastic response by saying, “…But two sides though [laughing/crying face emojis] <—sarcasm. So disappointing to hear all of this, and the receipts are LOUD.”

Fans are disappointed in Nate Mitchell.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

Others discussed how Nate used to be their favorite guy before this alleged information was exposed, while another commented on how the stories just get worse for him.

Another woman joked, “One that appears to be a nice guy is often isn’t. What’s new?”

Others think the claims will get worse on Nate.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

While more and more claims seem to come out on Nate, many fans are heartbroken over hearing all of this alleged information about their former fan favorite suitor.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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