The Bachelor viewers think Jesse Palmer could be Clayton Echard’s secret dad

Jesse Palmer & Clayton Echard
Jesse Palmer and Clayton Echard look so much alike. Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram/@claytonechard/Instagram

When The Bachelor Episode 1 first aired, fans couldn’t help but speculate how much Clayton Echard, America’s leading man, looked like Jesse Palmer, The Bachelor host.

As time has gone on, tweets, Instagram posts, and memes have been made, all detailing the look-alike pair.

Do Jesse and Clayton look like brothers or father and son?

Bachelor Nation has come to a consensus: Jesse Palmer could totally be Clayton Echard’s secret dad. Actually, some said his twin, but let’s be honest here, we all know that Jesse is considerably older than Clayton. (Sorry Jesse.)

The hairstyles, the blazers, the suit get-up, the white, straight-toothed smile, and the stature as past football players — all of these characteristics are similar in these two men — uncanny, actually.

Jesse Palmer, although fifteen years older than Clayton, has still kept up his physique and appearance. That old football training and those workouts must still come in handy and has kept him looking younger than his age.

He tends to look more around Clayton’s age, which has made fans claim that the two could be twins, such as this Twitter user, who posted, “Everyone saying Jesse and Clayton are twins, but with the 15 year age difference it is possible there’s a secret teen dad situation here.”

Another Twitter fan also thinks the two are related, as they put up, “Am I the only one who thinks Jesse Palmer looks like if he was Clayton’s dad??”

Yet another tweet uses Michael Scott to prove a point, as this person captioned the tweet, “Soo Jesse Palmer is Clayton’s Dad right?” Then the viewer proceeded to put a meme below it, with Michael Scott looking exasperated and saying, “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five?”

Was Jesse ever The Bachelor?

Jesse was The Bachelor back in 2004, for Season 5 of the show. This made him an obvious choice for a male host for the show, as he already is on TV, in the sports world with football. Clayton is still currently looking to find the woman of his dreams in the current season of The Bachelor, as we head into Episode 4.

Both men have been good sports about it all and have seemed to take it in stride. After all, you have to find the humor in things when you’re constantly in the spotlight, right?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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