The Bachelor viewers are so upset with Clayton Echard, they’ve been sending him Venmo requests

Clayton Echard is facing major heat for keeping Shanae Ankney in the latest rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation is clearly not happy with this season’s lead of The Bachelor.

After hours were spent dedicated to seafood and drama surrounding this season’s villain Shanae Ankney, viewers are calling out Clayton Echard for the “pain and suffering” he caused by watching his season.

The Bachelor viewers have been sending Clayton Echard Venmo requests for pain and suffering

Literally wanting him to pay for “the trauma of shrimp-gate”, Bachelor Nation is so upset that they’ve been sending Clayton Echard Venmo requests for watching his season.

According to The Sun, the former NFL player recently shared screenshots of Venmo requests from viewers asking for “reparations.”

Ranging from $1 to $50, the 28-year-old responded to the requests with a laughing emoji, telling viewers, “Y’all need to stop this right now.”

The Season 26 lead is facing major heat for keeping Shanae Ankney during the latest rose ceremony, despite weaponizing Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD against her.

Shanae told Clayton that Elizabeth had turned everyone in the house against her, specifically mentioning the time she made shrimp and no one wanted any – the conflict shockingly sent Elizabeth home.

Bachelor Nation is confused why Shanae is still on the show

Watching it back, Clayton took to Instagram and said it “hasn’t been fun.” Issuing a public apology to Corrigan, the Missouri native wrote, “I would have sent Shanae home immediately for making fun of you for being neurodivergent, had I known.”

The orthopedic salesman added, “I wish I could’ve seen what was happening when I wasn’t there. I obviously knew y’all weren’t in a good place with each other, but I thought at the time that it was, solely, petty drama.”

However, Season 26 contestant Lyndsey Windham shared a different viewpoint to Clayton Echard’s public apology in a viral TikTok following her recent elimination on the reality dating show.

Taking issue with a particular line in his statement, the 28-year-old alleged that Clayton knew about Shanae’s actions toward Elizabeth as early as the Baywatch date.

“I explained to [Clayton] word-for-word that I would never want anyone to feel bullied,” the industrial sales representative shared in the video. “However, when someone is mocking and making fun of someone’s mental disabilities, that’s crossing the line, and I don’t wanna surround myself with people like that.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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