The Bachelor viewers accuse Clayton Echard of only keeping Shanae Ankney around to sleep with her

Shanae Ankney
The Bachelor viewers think Clayton Echard is blinded by lust when it comes to Shanae Ankney. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard has kept Shanae Ankney on the show for far longer than viewers would have guessed or wanted. 

Even despite many women trying to expose Shanae’s true colors, Clayton has continued to take Shanae’s side and entertain his relationship with her. 

Clayton’s questionable decision has led some viewers to accuse Clayton of having an ulterior motive behind keeping Shanae around.

The Bachelor viewers have suggested that Clayton is overlooking Shanae’s red flags because he’s sexually attracted to her and potentially wants to leave the door open to being intimate with Shanae in the future. 

Clayton Echard called out for lusting after Shanae 

A The Bachelor viewer found Clayton’s lust for Shanae embarrassing, writing, “It’s almost embarrassing how much Clayton just wanted to sleep with Shanae.” 

tweet about Clayton and Shanae
Pic credit: @TheBachBabes/Twitter

Another tweet tried to capture what Clayton seems to be thinking every time he interacts with Shanae. The tweet read, “This is very challenging for me. I think you’re hot and want to sleep with you but I have to continue to ignore your red flags to do that.” 

One The Bachelor viewer used several emojis to suggest that Clayton’s attraction to Shanae is mostly sexual more than coming from a place of substance. 

Twitter comment
Pic credit: @webelong2dalite/Twitter

Some viewers think Clayton and Shanae deserve each other 

While some The Bachelor fans want Clayton to open his eyes and finally see Shanae’s deceptive ways, others think Clayton and Shanae are a good fit since they both seem to be on the show for the wrong reasons, with many accusing Clayton of being on the show just to sleep with women. 

One tweet read, “Ok I’ve decided now to root for Shanae and Clayton. She absolutely deserves to be one of the three women he has sex with. I just hope, for all our sakes, they don’t reproduce.”

Another tweet called out Clayton’s sexual interest in Shanae, writing, “Shanae the only reason you’re still there IMO is that Clayton wants to have sex with you. He barely talks to you & it’s typically asking you about drama with you and another chic there.” 

One The Bachelor viewer is no longer blaming Clayton, writing, “At this point I’m not blaming Clayton anymore. He went there to sleep [with] as many women as possible. It’s these girls’ fault. Would u keep on pursuing a guy that chooses to keep Shanae only for the sex?” 

Twitter thread on Clayton and Shanae
Pic credit: @paradiserat/Twitter

Do you agree with any of these assessments of Clayton and Shanae’s relationship? 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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2 years ago

I think he likes the bad girl connection. She is certainly not wife material but he wants to bed her ti see how wild she is