The Bachelor: Susie Evans says her toxic trait is searching her name on Twitter

Susie Evans
Susie Evans can’t stop looking up her name on Twitter. Pic credit: ABC

One of the front-runners on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Susie Evans, is poking fun at herself on Twitter.

As Susie continues to follow The Bachelor as it airs on television, she is watching back what she lived through, as viewers are watching, hoping for their fan-favorite to win Clayton’s heart.

What did Susie post on her Twitter account?

With only four women left on the show vying for Clayton’s heart, it is up in the air who will actually take home Clayton’s final rose and the key to his heart. Even Reality Steve hasn’t predicted the final two or the winner this season.

Many of those fans love Susie, and it shows in the comments of Susie’s tweet that she put out there for Bachelor Nation.

She tweeted: “My toxic trait is searching my name on Twitter (three skull emojis and three laughing/crying emojis).”

Above that tweet, she had included a meme, again finding humor in the whole process and making fun of herself, both sarcastically and realistically.

Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

Susie wrote: “I love the memes. Here for the roasts. Honestly the internet is so fun, until it isn’t.”

What did viewers comment on Susie’s Twitter post?

Susie’s fans took to her tweets in support of her and how much they adore her on this season of The Bachelor.

Two of Susie’s fans wrote, “Well I’m sure 99% of the tweets are positive! (smiley face emoji)” and “You’re a sweetheart, Susie! You have nothing to worry about.”

Pic credit: @TheSusieSaid/Twitter

These fans are Team Susie and are totally against anyone saying anything negative against Susie, nor do they think anyone could have anything bad to say about her.

Another fan jokingly, or maybe not jokingly, wrote, “My toxic trait is also searching your name on Twitter.”

Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaidTwitter

Yet one other fan found the humor in all of it, like Susie, as she commented, “is it really toxic if you think it’s funny tho (laughing/crying emojis).”

Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

Obviously, viewers love Susie’s personality, sincerity, innocence, kindness, empathy, and looks.

What else is Bachelor Nation saying about Susie?

Other fans have taken to social media to share tweets, memes, photos, and posts about how much Susie looks like past Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

Moreover, other Bachelor Nation viewers feel as if Susie has been getting the “Bachelorette edit” this entire season, where she’s gotten a collection of screen time, but just not quite as much as a couple of other girls who are also seemingly front-runners.

Susie has also made a couple of social media posts in the last few weeks that have made fans wonder if she has been struggling, making them think she has been heartbroken over potentially Clayton not choosing her.

Where will Susie fall in the final four women who are left? Will Clayton choose Susie as his final rose recipient, or will Susie leave the show broken-hearted as Clayton picks one of the other women?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.