The Bachelor spoilers: Reality Steve reveals who gets the group date rose and who’s going home this week

Shanae and Susie are anxiously waiting to see what happens at the next rose ceremony.
Shanae and Susie are anxiously waiting to see what happens at Clayton’s next rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

Last week’s episode left viewers feeling a little fired up. Who is going home? Does Clayton really know what’s going on between Shanae and Elizabeth? There were so many unanswered questions. Thankfully, Reality Steve can provide some sweet relief, and of course, spoilers.

First off, let’s just talk a little bit about how last week’s episode ended — in chaos. Just when viewers thought they would find out what was happening, a quick glance at the clock told them otherwise — time was up!

Let’s see what Reality Steve has to offer.

The Bachelor episode 3 spoilers

Okay so, if you haven’t seen the preview for episode three it goes something like this: there are girls in bikinis running on the beach, Clayton kisses everyone, it’s all fun and games until the claws come out, and the mascara starts to run.

According to Reality Steve, there are two group dates and a one-on-one, as per usual. Kaitlyn Bristowe hosts the first group date that has a similar vibe to when the men opened up with Katie Thurston on her season. This should provide excellent insight concerning the women’s emotional intelligence.

We have already seen the depth of some of the women, and it is lacking, to say the least. With the recent attack from Shanae Ankney on Elizabeth Corrigan, it is no wonder they are having a group date to talk about feelings.

On the one-on-one, Becca Kufrin plans a fun scavenger hunt all over the downtown where sparks fly between Clayton and Sarah Hamrick. Sarah is one of the younger contestants this season, but that doesn’t get in the way of her blooming love story with Clayton.

As someone who caught Clayton’s attention from the beginning, it comes as no surprise that she is chosen for the next one-on-one date. Of course, after a romantic day and honest dinner together, Sarah does in fact get the rose.

On the last group dates, the women pull out their skimpy red swimwear to the tune of Baywatch. Is Clayton possibly the luckiest man ever right now? Not only does he get to see his women leaving it all out in the open, but he also gets to meet Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert.

Gabby Windey ends up winning the group challenge and scores more time with Clayton. Ultimately, she ends up with the group date rose.

The women leaving Clayton’s season

Every week, Clayton gets closer to his happy ending, but on his way there, unfortunately, he has to break some hearts. This week, three women go home. Elizabeth Corrigan, Kira Mengistu, and Melina Nasab.

Now, the disappointment will inevitably be thick as viewers watch Clayton eliminate Elizabeth because she has been ruthlessly attacked by fellow contestants and perhaps, this season’s villain, Shanae.

Kira was seen speaking up for other girls on last week’s episode and it will be sad to see such an outspoken woman get sent home. Melina Nasad didn’t make much of an impression on Clayton or America, so it is not a complete surprise she is sent packing.

Now that Reality Steve has helped us fill in some blanks, viewers are ready for what rolls out on the next episode of The Bachelor.

Tune into the Bachelor Monday, January 24th, 2022 at 8/&c on ABC.

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