The Bachelor: Sierra admits she was waiting for Shanae to start something with her

Sierra Jackson
Sierra Jackson reveals she was waiting for Shanae to come at her. Pic credit: ABC

Sierra Jackson sat down with Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt on the latest episode of Bachelor Happy Hour and talked about none other than…Shanae Ankney.

What did Becca Kufrin ask Sierra Jackson on Bachelor Happy Hour?

Becca started the podcast interview with Sierra, as she asked her about Shanae showing up unannounced, and uninvited, to the last group date.

“When she showed up at this point, were you shocked? Were you appalled? Or were you like, Ok, this makes sense?” she asked.

After she heard Becca’s questions, Sierra answered very matter-of-factly: “When she showed up, I was, we all were like, ‘Wait, what’s the deal,’ you know, and it threw me off, and I didn’t know…none of us knew why she was there.”

Sierra continued to explain as she said, “You know, it was crazy because [at] that cocktail party, Genevieve and I had sat down and we had chatted…we were like, ‘We’re not going to say anything to Clayton unless he asks because it’s been so much drama.’”

Sierra talked about how they thought Shanae was changing

She went on to tell Becca, Serena, and viewers that they had had a great day, no drama had ensued, so they decided they would just ride it out, hopeful that things were getting better. Actually, Sierra was quoted saying that “Shanae was good today – like a kid,” which made Becca and Serena laugh. Sierra then said that Shanae wasn’t petty that day, so they thought maybe she really was trying to change her ways.

So, Sierra and Genevieve then decided not to say anything to Clayton unless he asked them that night on the group date.

Well, lo and behold, Clayton did, in fact, ask both of the girls about Shanae and the drama in the house. Sierra stated that because she and Genevieve are real and honest, they told him the truth…that, “She’s not interacting with us, she is isolating herself…and just being real to protect ourselves because she’s over here attacking us.”

After those discussions with Clayton, Sierra revealed on the show that Shanae just showed up out of nowhere and she and the other women had no idea why or what was even happening.

She exclaimed, “I’m sitting there in my silk gown, right…looking good with my body glitter, you know, how I do,” as the other two women giggled in agreement. Then Sierra talked about how Shanae just showed up out of the blue, stomped over to the women on the group date, yelled at Genevieve to “keep her name out of her mouth,” and then proceeded to grab the day date football trophy and throw it into the bushes.

Sierra claimed all the girls looked at one another, wondered what just happened, and started laughing because it was so crazy that it was funny.

Sierra clapped back at Shanae but did it make a difference?

Sierra told viewers that she was the one who actually spoke up and yelled, “Hey, if you’re gonna start something, finish it. Come back. You can’t come out and do something crazy and then not stay for the rest of it…Like if you’re gonna confront and be confrontational, confront and stay there. Have a conversation and talk about it. If you’re gonna do something and then run away like a chicken, then don’t do it in the first place.”

Becca and Serena were both nodding in agreement as Sierra talked about that last part of the show. It sounded like Sierra put Shanae in her spot, not that Shanae probably cared or took any of it to heart.

Will someone be able to put Shanae in her place, or will Clayton do it himself by finally eliminating her?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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