The Bachelor leads Clayton Echard and Colton Underwood look so similar that viewers still can’t tell them apart

Clayton Echard and Colton Underwood
Clayton Echard and Colton Underwood are so similar in fans’ eyes. Pic credit: ABC

Have you ever gone to say or write Clayton, and you say Colton instead? Not only do these two men have the same letters to start their names, but they have an uncanny resemblance as well.

Physically, both Colton and Clayton look similar, but the similarities don’t end there. They are both past football stars and have a sweet, kind, compassionate demeanor about them on the show and with the women.

Both Clayton Echard and Colton Underwood had one-on-one amusement park dates on their respective seasons

On Instagram, @bachelor.realitea posted a side-by-side of the two men on their respective amusement park one-on-one dates. They captioned the post, “Raise ur hand if you still accidentally call Clayton, ‘Colton.”

The meme on the post stated, “Clay—I mean Colton—no, wait, Clayton enjoying a rollercoaster.” On the split photo, Colton is on the left, and Clayton on the right, both on a rollercoaster ride.

It looked like viewers agreed as well in the comment section of the post, as it was filled with laughing face emojis and agreements to the statement.

Fans weigh in on the side-by-side Instagram post and photo of Clayton and Colton

One fan wrote “Definitely,” while another stated, “they really are the same pics tho (with a laughing face emoji).”

Pic credit: @bachelor.realitea/Instagram

Both men enjoyed one-on-one dates during their seasons that involved a private amusement park date. The only difference was that Colton’s also involved kids with him and his date.

Colton took Elyse Dehlbom on his amusement park date, and the two spent the day riding on the rides and playing the games with each other and the group of kids they allowed into the park with them because of how important children and charity with kids was, and still is, to Colton.

Clayton had his one-on-one date last night, on Episode 5, with Serene Russell, as they, too, went to an amusement park. Like Colton and Elyse, the amusement park was theirs to explore.

Clayton and Serene went on many rides and played games, just as Colton and Elyse had in his episode.

While the thrill of the rides and having an amusement park to yourself on a one-on-one date would be electrifying and enchanting, it would be hard to continue watching other girls date “your man.”

Clayton and Colton are similar but different in other ways

While Colton and Clayton are similar in physical facets and some personality characteristics, Clayton does not quit the show, as we know, as Colton did. And from what we’ve seen in previews, Clayton was intimate with at least two of the women during his season.

So while fans see them as similar and have a hard time telling them apart because of their looks and names, they are two totally different men.

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