The Bachelor: Hannah Ann Sluss celebrates as her rumored boyfriend Jake Funk goes to the Super Bowl

Hannah Ann Sluss
Hannah Ann Sluss celebrates with her supposed boyfriend, Jake Funk. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann Sluss has had her share of heartbreak in the past. As the previous winner of Peter Weber’s final rose on his season of The Bachelor, she thought she was the happiest girl in the world. However, fast forward, and Peter broke up with her because of who he really thought he wanted, runner-up, Madison Prewett.

But now, Hannah Ann seems happier than ever. Thankfully, things didn’t work out with Pilot Pete because then Hannah Ann would never be supposedly dating an NFC Champion professional football player who is now playing in the 2022 Super Bowl.

Who is Hannah Ann Sluss’ reported new boyfriend?

Jake Funk, a 24-year-old running back for the Los Angeles Rams, who went to college and played football at the University of Maryland, will be playing in today’s big game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and Hannah Ann will be there for it all, cheering on her new, rumored boyfriend to victory.

After the NFC Championship game two Sundays ago, when the Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers to earn a spot in the 2022 Super Bowl, Hannah Ann celebrated with her rumored beau out on the field after the game.

In an embrace with Jake, Hannah’s smile said it all, as her excitement and giddiness that Jake had just won the NFC Championship was all over her face.

Hannah Ann’s video was posted by a Bachelor Nation page and was captioned, “@hannahann’s bf reveal (his name is Jake Funk he plays for the Rams). One of the hashtags said #upgrade.

What do viewers have to say about this new budding romance?

Fans of Hannah’s and Jake’s took to Instagram to critique the awkward jump/hug though, as well as express their happiness for Hannah Ann.

One viewer wrote, “can’t decide if the awkward almost leg wrap around is worst or the obviously staged stealing of the hat. Hannah after the camera stopped filming: Jake how many times did we freaking rehearse this?!”

Another two fans commented on the fact that Hannah deserves a man who treats her right and chooses her each and every day, as they dogged on Peter. Their comments were, “The upgrade hashtag I can respect (laughing face emoji) and “She certainly leveled up!”

Another viewer joked again about the awkward meeting point at which Hannah Ann and Jake hugged, as they said, “I guess he wasn’t taught the hug-jump-leg wrap move am the bachelorettes use. #awkward.”

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Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

As she took Jake’s NFC Championship hat from his head and put it on her own head, Hannah Ann turned around to pose for the person taking the video. Jake looked just as happy to see her and celebrate with her, as she did him.

Who else is dating someone from the NFL from Peter Weber’s season?

All of Bachelor Nation is rooting for Hannah Ann and her upgraded relationship after dating Peter Weber.

In fact, Hannah Ann isn’t the only woman from Peter Weber’s season to upgrade. Sydney Hightower is now engaged to a player that Jake Funk just played against in that last NFC Championship game: Fred Warner. Fred is a linebacker for the 49ers, and Sydney is smitten with her fiancé.

It looks as if Hannah Ann is content with her relationship, as her smile says it all. Hopefully she and Jake will make this relationship official soon, too. Hannah Ann will for sure be dressed in blue and yellow today cheering on Jake and his team.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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