The Bachelor fans beg Susie Evans not to go on Bachelor in Paradise after rejecting Clayton Echard

Susie Evans
Susie Evans is worrying fans with her recent Twitter post. Pic credit: ABC

Susie Evans was in Clayton Echard’s final three women before last night’s episode of The Bachelor, alongside Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

But, as the evening progressed, Clayton soon found out that Susie couldn’t compromise certain things that had happened with him and the other two women. From there, things went downhill…fast.

After both Clayton and Susie stormed off once words were said to each other, Susie was put in the car and left. As the episode ended, viewers could see Clayton saying “his heart was not in the journey anymore.”

Fans of Susie Evans are worried that she might be thinking about Bachelor in Paradise now

Now fans are worried that Susie wants to go on this summer’s season of Bachelor in Paradise because of a recent caption she posted on Twitter.

She tweeted about summer, the beach, refreshing drinks, sunsets, the sand, and how much she loved all of those things.

She wrote, “Y’all I cannot wait for spring/summer evenings at the beach. It’s my favorite time of year and thing to do! Cheap champagne and a bag of Doritos on a blanket in the sand watching the sun go down.”

Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

One viewer commented on Susie’s post and asked, “You mean paradise?”

Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

Two other fans saw Susie’s tweet and immediately got worried that she would go on another Bachelor franchise show.

One woman stated, “Don’t go to paradise. It’s only more heartbreak,” while another responded to that and exclaimed, “Agreed. Please dont!!”

Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

What happened between Susie and Clayton on their last date before fantasy suites?

Susie, as the third woman to receive her one-on-one day date and overnight date with Clayton, complete with a fantasy suite invitation, had some tough questions for America’s leading man.

At the dinner portion of their evening date, Clayton finally revealed his feelings to Susie, but she had some non-negotiables before she could move forward with him.

After Susie asked Clayton if he’d told the other two he loved them and questioned whether he’d been intimate with them, she told him those were things she could not compromise on.

Clayton got upset and asked why she wouldn’t have told him this before, and Susie responded that she didn’t want to give him an ultimatum before fantasy suites.

Clayton thought that Susie was unwilling to work things out with him because of his actions, and Susie felt he was 100% sending her home.

The episode ended with Clayton visibly upset. Was this the last that Bachelor Nation has seen of Susie Evans? Or will Clayton and Susie take some time to reflect and try to work things out? Tune in Monday for the season finale of The Bachelor to find out.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.