The Bachelor fans are flipping out over Joey Graziadei’s new look

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Joey Graziadei’s new look has Bachelor Nation in shambles. Pic credit: ABC

Joey Graziadei is summer-ready.

Unfortunately, many The Bachelor fans were not ready when Joey revealed his new look.

Joey has been busy ever since his season of The Bachelor ended as he starts a new life with his fiancee, Kelsey Anderson.

He recently opened up about how starring on a reality TV show affected his life.

While he’s certainly become popular, dare we say a celebrity, winning the lead role on The Bachelor definitely had a downside, too.

Joey confessed that being away for so long to film affected his credit score after one of his credit card bills went unpaid, which affected his ability to rent an apartment.

But that hasn’t stopped The Bachelor fan favorite from living his best life; he’s just having to lean on some friends while he does it.

Is Joey Graziadei cutting corners with his new haircut?

Amid Joey’s money woes, the Bachelor star revealed a new look, and Bachelor Nation is divided.

Some of Joey’s fans think he’s just as gorgeous as ever, while others have called his new haircut “prison hair.”

Check out Joey’s Instagram Reel to see the before and after that he captioned, “It was time for the Summer Cut .”

Naturally, the comments section of Joey’s Reel is mixed regarding his new hair.

His die-hard fans were unfazed by the new haircut and made sure to let Joey know that they love him with long or short hair, no matter the style.

Others were not so nice, with one even declaring that “this is a hate crime to urself bro.”

Another was upset because Joey “had the best hair.”

Yet another even questioned if shaving his head was on Joey’s “bucket list.”

The Bachelor fans comment on Joey Graziadei's new haircut
Some The Bachelor fans are upset by Joey’s new look. Pic credit: @joeygraziadei/Instagram

Those who were cool with Joey’s new hair kept their comments simple, with one calling him “hot,” others commenting things like “Yes,” and others even saying it looks very military.

The Bachelor fans comment on Joey Graziadei's new haircut
Some The Bachelor fans love Joey’s new look. Pic credit: @joeygraziadei/Instagram

Whether you love or hate it, Joey’s hair will eventually grow back, so there’s no reason to get upset.

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson have been living it up since The Bachelor

Despite their housing issues and having to stay with friends, Joey and Kelsey are enjoying life following their love connection on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor pair recently enjoyed great seats at the NHL Stanley Cup finals game.

They also met Jelly Roll backstage at the Country Music Awards.

They even returned to Europe, and as Kelsey mentioned, Portugal looks good on Joey.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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