The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss promotes show but is faced with personal drama

The Bachelor
The Bachelor’s Peter Weber is overshadowed by Mike Fleiss drama. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber is in full swing filming his season of The Bachelor, but there has been drama in the Bachelor world outside of filming. Usually, the juiciest stories come from on the show in the form of breakups, secret relationships, or contestants who are dramatic for the sake of competition.

But this year, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor was overshadowed by the creator’s own personal issues. Mike, 55, got into an “emotionally charged incident” with his wife Laura, 31, this past summer. At the time of the incident, Laura was 11 weeks pregnant.

She claimed that he physically attacked her and demanded she got an abortion, according to PEOPLE.

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However, earlier this month, he revealed that they had reconciled. Even Laura seemed happy that they had made peace.

Despite him making up with his wife, Bachelor fans can’t forget what happened. This is even after he shared a spoiler on his Twitter page this week.

Mike’s spoiler was rather simple. He shared a photo of Peter with the caption “sneak peek” but one person reminded him of the more important issue in his life.

“You should be in jail…” the person wrote.

The jail comment refers to Mike supposedly attacking his wife in a physical manner, an act that resulted in her filing for an emergency domestic violence restraining order. However, she eventually dropped the order and made up with her husband, even though they had reached a divorce settlement.

Even though Mike Fleiss’ personal drama is playing out now, it’s possible that he doesn’t want it to steal the focus away from the show that has been his career for years. Once Peter Weber’s season starts airing, the focus will be on Peter and whether he will find love with someone new.

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 6, 2020, at 8/7c on ABC.

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