The Bachelor: Cassidy Timbrooks calls herself the ‘Kmart Cassie Randolph’

Cassidy Timbrooks and Cassie Randolph
Cassidy Timbrooks pokes fun at herself in a recent post. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 star Clayton Echard has drawn a lot of comparisons to controversial The Bachelor Season 23 star Colton Underwood. 

Clayton and Colton have a similar appearance, a similar first name, and also have playing football in common. Both Clayton and Colton even received similar advertising for The Bachelor, as both posed with dogs. 

However, Colton and Clayton’s similarities aren’t the only comparisons being made, as some fans drew a connection between The Bachelor Season 26 star Cassidy Timbrooks and The Bachelor Season 23 winner Cassie Randolph. 

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Cassidy caught wind of the tweets being made about her and Cassie Randolph and she had an amusing response. 

Cassidy Timbrooks gets Bachelor Nation buzzing 

Cassidy Timbrooks made her big debut on The Bachelor Season 26 by arriving in a tiny car. 

Later during her alone time with Clayton, she and Clayton raced tiny cars which resulted in Cassidy tipping over and falling out of her car. 

Clayton and Cassidy got a good laugh out of the awkward moment and even shared a kiss once Cassidy got back on her feet, making Cassidy one of the record 5 women that Clayton kissed on the first night. 

Since appearing on the premiere episode, Cassidy has been reacting to all the social media responses and comments made about her as she seems to be someone who stood out.

While some The Bachelor viewers expressed finding Cassidy annoying, others felt she looked like someone who would be fun to party with. Cassidy also received a lot of appearance comparisons.

Cassidy Timbrooks compares herself to Cassie Randolph 

One particular tweet caught Cassidy’s eye and she reshared it to her Instagram stories with a response of her own. 

The tweet that essentially compared Cassidy to a Great Value version of Cassie Randolph read, “Everything about this season is the Great Value version of Colton’s season so watch him pick Cassidy,” 

Cassidy responded in agreement writing, “I’m literally k mart Cassie Randolph fr.”

Cassidy Timbrooks IG story
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

The Bachelor viewers will recall that Colton Underwood chose Cassie Randolph to be his last-woman-standing and the couple dated for a bit before the relationship crashed and burned. 

Cassie and her family filed a restraining order due to Colton’s alleged harassment and stalking and many feel Colton has yet to be held accountable for his actions. 

With the Cassie comparison, time will tell if Cassidy makes it as far as Cassie did on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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