The Bachelor alums Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici play a parenting game

Sean Lowe & Catherine Guidici
Sean Lowe and his wife, Catherine Guidici, play a parenting game with each other. Pic credit: ABC

Sean Lowe, The Bachelor of Season 17, ended up finding his future wife that season in Catherine Giudici, as he presented her with his final rose. After Sean picked Catherine, they were smitten and became a Bachelor Nation success story.

What parenting game did married couple Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe play together?

As parents and husband and wife, Catherine and Sean have a little game they like to play together. Catherine and Sean were positioned on the area rug with pens. They then put a cup in front of them on their hardwood floor about eight feet away.

Each of them would come up with something the other had to do if his or her pen landed inside the cup. Catherine was first up, and she said that if she made her pen in, Sean had to eat 40 dumplings with her that night. She missed.

Sean then told Catherine if he made his first shot, she had to fart in front of him, which got a loud laugh out of her. He missed.

Catherine then went next and said if she made it, Sean would have to shave his head. She missed badly and wanted a do-over on that one.

Sean went for his second try and said that if he made it, she had to “get rid of one of our kids.” Again, he missed. Thank goodness, right?!

It then flashes forward to another try on Sean’s part, and he declared that if he made the pen in the cup, they had to have a fourth kid. Catherine’s mouth gaped wide open, and….he missed.

Who makes a pen in the cup first? Sean or Catherine?

Catherine then said next, “If I make this, you are watching The Bachelor with me until the finale.” She prepared, she aimed, she threw the pen, and…she made it in the cup!! Catherine was so excited as she screamed and kicked her legs out in the air.

Sean just shook his head and then got ready with his last pen. He declared, “If I make this, I am not watching The Bachelor with you.” Sean missed. Therefore, Catherine won.

Catherine and Sean Lowe’s relationship timeline

Catherine and Sean tied the knot in 2014, and then two years later, welcomed their first child into the world. Their firstborn was a boy, born in July 2016, whom they named Samuel Thomas Lowe.

Almost two years later, Catherine gave birth to another little boy who she and Sean named Isaiah. And about a year later, they announced her pregnancy with their third child, a little girl they named Mia, who was born in December of 2019.

Catherine has made it clear that she would like to adopt another girl sometime down the road so that they have two girls and two boys.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Sorry, Sean, it looks like since Catherine got her pen in, and you did not, you will get to grace her with your presence for the remaining weeks of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

Even if he’s bummed, he’ll just need to remember: Happy Wife, Happy Life.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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