The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell Lane is pregnant with second baby

Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane is pregnant. Pic credit: ABC

Lauren Bushnell Lane made her debut in the Bachelor world when she was on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor.

When Ben told both her and his runner-up, JoJo Fletcher, that he was in love with them both, Lauren never truly got over it; thus, it was the fallout and demise of her relationship with Ben.

Luckily, Lauren was able to find the real love of her life in country star Chris Lane. And lucky for Lauren, he decided to take a chance on having an actual relationship that was never really in his plans.

The two fell in love, he wrote a song about her in which he proposed in the video, and they had their first baby, a son, Dutton, on June 8, 2021, making him just a day short of one year old. But now, Dutton is about to become a Big Brother.

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane are expecting Baby #2

The couple made an official announcement yesterday, June 6, 2022, on Lauren’s Instagram page.

She posted a family photo of the three of them, with her shirt tucked up so viewers could see her belly, and the second picture of just Dutton with a sweatshirt on that read Brother.

Lauren captioned the post by saying, “Party of 4, coming October 2022 I cannot wait to see you as a big brother, Dutty!”

The past year for Chris and Lauren

In January, Chris had noted that they were waiting a while to try for their second child, as he joked with Us Weekly that he needed to get rid of his dad bod first.

He even laughed and said, “Every time I’m eating something I shouldn’t, Lauren’s like, ‘Oh, let’s make better choices.’ But having a 7-month-old, I’ve definitely not been able to stay in the kind of shape that I have been in for quite some time, but I’m getting back.”

As far as Lauren, since becoming a mom, she has had to deal with a great deal of criticism and backlash from mom-shamers who have given her a hard time about her body and lack of weight gain.

She did reveal that she has pretty thick skin with people when it comes to saying things about her, but she will turn into a Mama Bear if they come after her child.

Lauren and Chris have become doting parents of little Dutton over the past year, so Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see how their life becomes busier and even more exciting with their second baby and as a family of four.

Fans also can’t wait to see if Dutton will have a baby sister or brother and if her or his name will also be something related to the show Yellowstone.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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