The Bachelor alum Hannah Ann Sluss shares some of her favorite Super Bowl recipes

Hannah Ann Sluss
Hannah Ann Sluss gets Super Bowl ready. Pic credit: ABC

The former The Bachelor winner-turned-runner-up from Peter Weber’s season, Hannah Ann Sluss, recently shared some of her favorite Super Bowl recipes.

Hannah Ann posted three photos of herself with her masterpiece, three-tiered level of Super Bowl snacks.

Here’s what Hannah Ann Sluss plans to make to eat during the Super Bowl

On the bottom and top tier, Hannah Ann made mashed guacamole boats. She cut three avocados in half, then mashed them up with some sea salt, pepper, lemon juice, lime juice, cilantro, onion, and jalapeno. Then Hannah put the guacamole back into each halved avocado shell.

From there, she put sour cream in a gallon-sized baggie, cut a hole at the end of the baggie, and decorated her halved avocados with sour cream lines. That way, her Super Bowl snack now looked like a green football with laces on them.

As she finished up drawing the white laces on the last avocado half, she looked at the camera, said “pretty good,” and gave a little giggle.

In the middle tier of her tray, Hannah Ann made nacho bites. She cooked up some ground turkey (or beef) and then added red, yellow, and orange peppers cut up in small pieces, as well as a little bit of red onion.

After the meat mixture was cooked, Hannah Ann scooped it into a Tostito scoop chip, baked for a few minutes in the oven, and then voila, bite-sized nacho bites. The nice thing about these snacks is that they’re small enough to not over-eat; plus, they are actually fairly healthy, too.

Hannah Ann shares the recipes with Bachelor Nation fans on YouTube

As Hannah cooked her Super Bowl recipes, she found a Corona Light of her dad’s in his fridge and decided that she needed a fancy cup to drink it out of. In fact, Hannah Ann even made the comment that she had never even had a Corona Light before, so she was excited to try it.

Also, while she cooked, Hannah Ann sported a see-through pink mesh jersey, with a white crop top underneath, to show that she was trying to be sporty. Hannah Ann even made a step-by-step YouTube video for viewers if they want to try out her delicious game-day finger foods!

Super Bowl Sunday snacks, here we come. Thank you, Hannah Ann, for the new recipes. Now, is the southern girl-turned-LA girl going for the Los Angeles Rams, or is she rooting for the underdog, the Cincinnati Bengals, while she eats her delicious Super Bowl snacks?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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