The Alaskan Bush People’s new season caught Bear meeting his son for the first time

The crew will film Bear Brown’s first meeting with his son. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People fans were finally able to see Bear Brown reconcile with Raiven Adams. The Palmer Wildfire’s only silver lining was being able to bring the family of three back together. 

Discovery Channel viewers learned that Raiven reached out to Bear two days after North Star Ranch’s wildfire. 

Bear Brown finally gets to meet River 

Bear openly spoke to cameras saying, “My kid River was born. To have a son of my own and never met him has been weighing down on me the last few months. It’s been painful, a heartache for sure.”

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Bear’s sister Rain pipped up, saying, “I have seen pictures of River, and he is a cute little nugget. He has these wide eyes and a cute little grin. He looks just like Bear.”

The Alaskan Bush People star reflected only for a moment about his relationship, saying, “Raiven and I were talking, Raiven is going to bring River up for me to meet him.”

Bear continued, “That is something that is amazing and not something I thought would be happening right now. Meeting my son for the first time, I am a little bit nervous.” 

Bear wanted advice from Bam and Gabe

Bear shared the exciting news with his older brother, Bam. The stoic leader of the group stood firm like the burnt trees as he listened to Bear.

The king of extreme revealed to cameras that he hoped that Bam would impart some wisdom but instead remained silent. 

Bear joked to the cameras, “Bam had some prize-winning advice. Super advice.”

Bear then turned to his brother Gabe who has a daughter of his own. Bear shared his excitement, saying he would be able to hold his son River soon.

“I want Bear to be there for his son. And for his son to have a dad in his life. It’s an important bond I couldn’t imagine living without my kid,” revealed Gabe. Bear revealed he always wanted to pass on his “extremeness” and now finally would get the chance. 

Billy always had hope for Bear

Bear opened up to the Alaskan Bush People cameras sharing that he always wanted to be a father and at one point thought he would not be able to achieve his dream. 

The cameras cut to Billy as he told the crew, “It has been really tough for Bear. Bear’s always wanted a little Bear. He deserves a happily ever after; he really does. All I can tell Bear is always to have faith.”

Raiven has shaded Bear for bad parenting 

Raiven gave birth to River in March of 2020, and by July, she was openly bashing Bear for his poor parenting skills. Raiven called Bear a low-life for not respecting her as a mother. 

In the past, Raiven has also accused Bear of cocaine use. But this past April, the pair decided to give their relationship a third chance. Both Raiven and Bear have chosen to live for themselves and not worry about what their fans think.

Bear’s first meeting with River was heartwarming, even though his homemade doll was slightly terrifying. The Alaskan Bush People star is now ready to do whatever it takes to keep his family together.

Bear shared his final thoughts, saying, “It was amazing, awesome, and extreme all in one.” 

Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday at 8/7c on Discovery.

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