The 8 sweetest moments in Married at First Sight history

MAFS Erik and Virginia fly in a plane for their one month anniversary.
MAFS Erik and Virginia celebrate their one-month anniversary in the clouds. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight can be one wild ride; the drama, the heartbreak the makeups, and the breakups.

However, for those brave enough to put it all on the line for love, no matter the outcome, the journey is worth it.

Let’s take a look at some of the sweetest moments these couples have experienced along the way.

Danielle falls ‘head over heels’ for Bobby

MAFS Danielle smiles as her husband proposes.
MAFS Danielle finally tells Bobby how she feels. Pic credit: Lifetime

Danielle and Bobby Dodd were the golden couple of Season 7 and while the two experienced zero fights the entire season, many were wondering if it was all too good to be true. Because Danielle got real quiet over there. Week after week fans would watch Bobby pour his heart out to Danielle while she would reply with a simple “MMhmm” or a nod.

While Danielle did admit that she had a difficult time communicating her feelings, fans still wondered if things were really as perfect as the couple claimed them to be.

By the time Decision Day rolled around, many fans were on the edge of their seat wondering if Danielle might actually be refraining from expressing her love because she wasn’t feeling it and if she would surprise Bobby with an answer of “no.”

But Danielle put all the fanfare to rest as she finally opened up and told Bobby that she was in fact “head over heels” in love with him and wanted to stay together–forever.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

It was one of the sweetest moments in MAFS history and we are putting it right at the top of our list.

And now, three years and two kids later, the couple is still going strong and making all of our Married at First Sight dreams come true.

Briana and Vincent’s ‘cheesy’ proposal

MAFS Vincent proposes to Briana with cheesecake.
MAFS Vincent proposed to Briana with cheesecake. Pic credit: Lifetime

Speaking of Married at First Sight golden couples, it doesn’t get shinier than Season 12’s Briana and Vincent Morales who were destined for love from the moment they met each other.

While the other couples of the season went through some major drama, Briana and Vincent just stayed in their own lane, learning about each other and falling in love.

They learned about each other’s culture and Vincent even worked to teach Briana Spanish.

The two rode off on the bikes Vincent got them into the sunset. Adorable.

There were some small hiccups along the way as Briana had to put her bossy babe ways to the side to make room for Vincent’s sensitive nature but the two quickly overcame the struggles and got right back on track.

When Decision Day rolled around, while other couples struggled with indecision, this one just breezed through. In fact, they are the only couple of their season still left standing.

When the moment to decide came, Vincent dropped to one knee and pulled out from under the couple’s seat–a cheesecake.

This may seem like an odd choice, but Briana was absolutely over the moon for it. Dessert, and a proposal? Vincent definitely knows the way to a woman’s heart. Great job, you two.

Sam and Neil find friendship

MAFS Sam and Neil hug it out.
MAFS Sam and Neil find friendship through it all. Pic credit: Lifetime

As we’ve said, not everyone on Married at First Sight walks away with marriage but, generally, all the couples do walk away with something. Whether it’s a deeper knowledge of themselves, lessons to take away for future relationships, or even just a better understanding of marriage.

But what Samantha Role and Neil Bowlus of Season 3 walked away with was even more special and unique.

These two walked away with a friendship.

Sam and Neil’s marriage was rocky from the start. Sam was not attracted to Neil’s calm demeanor and passive nature and Neil balked at Sam’s ongoing criticism of him. The two could not seem to find an attraction or connection to each other. Then, something changed.

While the two ultimately called it quits on Decision Day, something even more beautiful developed. The couple became very good friends and ended up being a great support system for each other.

The marriage helped Sam grow leaps and bounds as a person and helped Neil to finally find his voice. While it ultimately ended, the couple’s friendship and growth did not. The two continue to be friends to this day.

Excuse us while we reach for the tissues. We just love happy endings.

Erik and Virginia’s first flight

MAFS Erik and Virginia fly in a plane for their one month anniversary.
MAFS Erik and Virginia celebrate their one-month anniversary in the clouds. Pic credit: Lifetime

We know what you’re thinking — that this may be an odd choice to show up on our list. Yes, Season 12’s Erik Lake and Virginia Coomb’s marriage didn’t make it. Yes, they are in an ongoing and very public social media battle right now. But as we’ve seen sometimes with Married at First Sight, all’s well that ends well, and maybe these two will pull a Sam and Neil and somehow find some closure and peace.

But regardless of how it ended, Virginia and Erik’s one-month anniversary flight was adorable.

Erik is a pilot and for their one-month anniversary celebration, Erik took Virginia up in a private plane and the two had a blast. The couple laughed and joked and Erik even pulled out the zero-gravity trick much to Virginia’s delight. As the sunlight poured into the cabin the two basked in marital bliss and fun.

It was the stuff of Nicholas Sparks novels and we just couldn’t get enough of it.

Keith and Kristine suds it up

MAFS Keith and Christine cozy up on a champagne hottub.
MAFS Keith and Kristine keep it classy. Pic credit: Lifetime

Leave it to Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar to glam up the show. These two made their MAFS debut in Season 8 and have been going strong ever since.

While some of the other season’s couples were experiencing some major hiccups in their relationship, Keith and Kristine snuck off by themselves for a little one on one time in a hot tub shaped like a champagne glass. The room featured flowers, a fireplace, and all the romance one could ask for.

The two popped the bubbly as they lounged in the giant champagne glass tub and talked about how glad they were to have been paired.

The two continued their smooth sailing right through Decision Day and onto the MAFS spinoff Couples’ Cam where they continue to this day.

We feel like it was these sweet surprise moments, that Kristine and Keith still give to each other, that keeps them going so strong. I mean come on, he took the girl to a champagne glass hot tub, no wonder their romance is still so passionate!

Tristan says ‘I do’ when many would have said ‘I don’t’

MAFS Mia and Tristan embrace.
MAFS Tristan stayed by Mia’s side. Pic credit: Lifetime

Having a spouse arrested is not necessarily business as usual for Married at First Sight. The surprise arrest of Mia Bally in Season 7 was definitely a first for the show, not to mention her new groom, Tristan Thompson.

But what got us about this moment is that, when given the choice, Tristan decided to stay. While many others would have hit the road, Tristan followed through with his commitment and stayed true to his vows; for better or worse.

We’ve seen spouses high tail it for far less and the fact that Tristan stayed put and waited to hear Mia’s version of events and be by her side is not only impressive but incredibly sweet.

While it turned out Mia was not completely forthcoming about the situation and the two’s marriage went south real quick after Decision Day, as far as moments go, this one really stole our hearts. Way to go, Tristan.

Myrla lights it up

MAFS Gil and Myrla read their vows to each other.
MAFS Myrla and Gil celebrate their one month. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 13’s Myrla Feria is one tough nut to crack.

Between her high-class lifestyle and expectations, it can be hard to tell when Myrla is happy about something.

While she and her husband, Gil, may have gotten off to a rocky start, they have managed to be the smoothest sailing couple of their season.

In the beginning, Myrla may have been a tough read but Gil was very patient and persistent and his hard work finally paid off.

Myrla took her time getting to know Gil and it took several weeks for her to even kiss him on the lips but, in the meantime, Myrla found other ways to show him that she really did care.

On their one-month anniversary, Myrla filled the couple’s apartment with candles and rose petals that led down the hallway to the bedroom where she waited with champagne, sweet treats, and the couple’s vows. The two sipped champagne while they re-read their vows to each other in the candlelight.

It was the first moment we saw the “Princesa” as she is affectionately called, open up her heart to Gil and show him how much he truly does mean to her.

We just hope the candlelight doesn’t show how much we are tearing up over here.

Jamie Otis lets Doug in

MAFS Jamie says yes to Doug on Decision Day.
MAFS Jamie finally lets Doug in. Pic credit: Lifetime

We swear, watching this moment is like the scene in The Grinch where the ice around his heart melts and it grows to twice its normal size. It was just such a moment.

Jamie Otis had been so shut off and unsure and Doug Hehner was so persistent that the moment she finally let him in, it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang. Ok maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but it was so very sweet.

The couple had started off in such a bad place. On their wedding day, Jamie sank to the ground sobbing that she had made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Doug, who she said she did not find even the least bit attractive.

The honeymoon was spent with Jamie cringing at Doug’s touch and being so freaked out that they had to call the honeymoon a “vacation” for her to feel comfortable.

Fast forward 7 years and Jamie and Doug are still together with two kids and one hopefully in the works.

While it may have taken the entire MAFS process to get there, Jamie finally did open up to Doug in a big way and her yes on Decision Day made us all start to believe in MAFS fairy tales.

So there it is, some of the sweetest moments in MAFS history. We can’t wait to see what the rest of Season 13 will bring and what moments might get added to the list.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.