Thanks to Andy Cohen, Kyle Richards’ breast reduction is not a secret anymore

Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.
Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Pic credit: Bravo

Kyle Richards has been a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills for twelve years, which means she has been friends with Andy Cohen for at least that long. She was one of the hosts of Andy’s epic baby shower for baby Ben in 2019, and has been an ever-present figure on Bravo for that time.

Fans have long suspected that Kyle is one of Andy’s favorite Bravolebrities, and they have a great rapport on-screen. She is a frequent guest on Watch What Happens Live, especially when Beverly Hills is on the air.

Kyle was a guest in the clubhouse last night, and her friend Andy accidentally told the world about Kyle’s secret surgery, but she took it like a champ.

Andy revealed Kyle recently went under the knife

After the airing of last night’s episode of RHOBH, Kyle went on WWHL to discuss all things Beverly Hills, with co-guest comedian Chloe Fineman. During the after show, Andy asked Kyle about a beautiful Nicole Rose necklace she was wearing, which brought obvious focus to Kyle’s chest.

Then Andy blurts out, “How’s the breast reduction surgery working out?” Well, Kyle was clearly not expecting that question, and answered, “Thanks for letting everybody know Andy, thank you!” Andy was visibly shocked and embarrassed that he had revealed her secret, and said that he thought it was public news because the two had talked about it so much.

“I’m just gonna say this, I never told anybody,” Kyle announced. She was smiling and did not look as furious as she could have been. Andy apologized to his friend and absolutely looked shocked that he had let the cat out of the bag on national television.

Kyle then told her own story, saying, “I had breast reduction surgery. I never had implants.” She said that this was something she wanted so that she could be comfortable with herself, and elaborated, “I had double D’s, no implants. I still don’t have implants but I went in and I said, ‘I want smaller boobs. I don’t ever want to wear a bra in my life again.’ And here I am.” The crowd cheered for her admission, and how great she looked.

This is not Kyle’s first plastic surgery

Kyle has had two surgeries on her nose, one in 2006, and another in 2020 after she broke her nose on set on Halloween Kills. She also admitted to having liposuction in 2012 and said that after having four kids, she needed help getting rid of some stubborn love handles.

She has also admitted to having fillers like Botox throughout the years, lasers and plasma injections in her face as well. Kyle has experimented with lip fillers, and got veneers in 2021 from famous cosmetic dentist Dr. Apa.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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