Teresa Giudice’s former co-host Melissa Pfeister speaks on feud rumors amid abrupt end to their podcast

Former Namaste B$tches host Melissa Pfeister and Teresa Giudice screenshot
Melissa Pfeister parts ways with Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: @melissapfeister/Instagram/Bravo

Another of Teresa Giudice’s relationships has taken a turn for the worse, this time it’s with her former co-host, Melissa Pfeister.

People have been speculating for quite some time that the once close friends had a falling out after the abrupt end to their podcast, Namaste B$tches back in April.

No reason was given for why they stopped doing the show a few months ago, and the rumor mill has been running wild that Luis Ruelas had something to do with their feud.

Teresa’s hubby allegedly had an altercation with Melissa at BravoCon 2023, with witnesses claiming that the couple tried to silence those claims.

However, Melissa is no longer staying silent, and she finally addressed the demise of Namaste B$tches in a recent interview.

This comes days after Teresa released the first episode of her new podcast, Turning the Tables.

Teresa Giudice’s former co-host Melissa Pfeister speaks out after axed podcast

Melissa finally spoke out to silence the rumors about a feud with Teresa that led to the podcast’s downfall.

Melissa attempted a diplomatic response during her interview with The Daily Mail and she didn’t say anything about the state of her relationship with Teresa.

As for Namaste B$tches, she told the media outlet, “‘people have made up some pretty terrible lies about it and me….I worked on it 24/7 and after all that, there is no way I would ever do anything to ruin it or go after someone. That’s not who I am or how I roll.”

The pregnant 42-year-old also noted that given her “difficult” pregnancy it was time “for a break from Namaste.”

Melissa also hinted at other reasons why she walked away from the podcast with Teresa, but she didn’t share those details.

“I could say a lot more of the other reasons I stepped away, but again, that’s not who I am or what I do,” she added.

What happened between Melissa Pfeister and Luis Ruelas at BravoCon?

Meanwhile, blogger Krissy Balls talked about the alleged confrontation between Luis and Melissa at BravoCon in October of 2023.

She posted a screenshot from a source who gave her the blow-by-blow of what went down and noted that, when it happened, a lot of people were talking about it on the blogs.

“Luis raged in a hallway in public,” said Krissy. “Allegedly at BravoCon Luis went off on Melissa with his assistant who shall remain nameless.”

The Jersey businessman reportedly screamed at Teresa’s co-just and said that she was a “nobody” and that his wife was the star.

“He threatened her saying ‘No one gives a s**t about you, don’t disrespect me or we’re gonna have a problem.'”


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The source claimed Teresa didn’t step in to defend Melissa against Luis.

The Namaste B$tches hosts continued to host their podcast after those rumors hit the blogs, but the alleged altercation has now seemingly led to the demise of the show and their friendship.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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