Teresa Giudice said she got eliminated from DWTS because one of the judges didn’t like her

Teresa Giudice revealed why her elimination from DWTS is bitter-sweet.
The RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice is bluntly sharing why she thinks she got eliminated from DWTS. Pic credit: ©

Last Monday, Dancing with the Stars fans were disappointed to see Teresa Giudice get eliminated after she and her partner Pasha Pashkov were in the bottom two for the second time.

Her time on Dancing with the Stars was a short one.

After her elimination, she spoke to Page Six via Zoom to share how she was feeling.

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Teresa looked sad and defeated as she told them, “Listen, it was an amazing experience. I had an amazing partner.”

She went on to say that once she realized she was in the bottom two, she knew she was going to be eliminated.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star said candidly, “I don’t think he liked me. I knew Len was not going to pick me. I knew he was going to pick Cheryl over me. I knew already … I had a feeling.”

It was up to Len Goodman to break the tie and decide who would be going home on Elvis’ night. And he chose to save Actress Cheryl Land and her partner, Louis Van Amstel.

Cheryl later revealed to Page Six that she gave Teresa a big hug and told her, “Probably should have been me.” She said she doesn’t know why they saved her, and Louis replied while pointing to her, “I know! There’s a lot more in there.”

Teresa Giudice is staying positive

Teresa is looking on the bright side of things. She said she had an amazing time on the show and got to fulfill one of her wishes. She had always wanted to dance professionally.

She told Page Six, “Finally, my dream came true. I did two dances in front of a live audience, and it was pretty amazing. It was great.”

Teresa Giudice and Pasha Pashkov Jive (Week 2) | Dancing With The Stars on Disney+

She revealed that when she saw her competition, she had a feeling that she wouldn’t win the Mirrorball. She said she still wanted to push herself and try to win.

 She thought to herself while watching the competition, “I’m definitely not winning, but I tried!”

However, she admitted to being excited to come and dance again for the finale.

Teresa Giudice’s elimination was bitter-sweet

Ahead of her dance routine on Monday, Teresa revealed that she would be dedicating it to her late father.

She shared on her social media, “Tonight is so special to me because growing up I watched Elvis movies so often with my father, I know that if he were still here he would be so proud and cheering me on in the audience.”

She revealed that she used to watch the show with her dad when he came to live with her after her mother passed.

She added, “I miss him every single day, but I know he would love tonight, I dedicate this dance to you Papa.”

It’s sad that Teresa got eliminated after that, but she is not letting that keep her down for too long.

She revealed that she is excited to go home and spend some time with her husband.  

She explained that she felt a bit guilty when she took the opportunity. She said, “I felt really bad, so at least now I get to go home and spend time with him, ’cause I am a newlywed.”

Teresa and Luis Ruelas got married last month in a lavish ceremony, that will air on Bravo next year.

As for who Teresa would nominate next, to be on Dancing with the Stars? She said it would be none other than her close friend and co-star Jennifer Aydin.

 Dancing with the Stars streams Monday nights on Disney+. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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