Teen Mom: Zach Davis under fire for ‘bragging’ about sneaking drugs on honeymoon

Zach Davis Teen Mom
Zach snuck drugs onto a plane ahead of his and Cheyenne’s honeymoon. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom critics dragged Zach Davis for “bragging” that he sneaked drugs on a plane headed to his and Cheyenne Floyd’s honeymoon.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Zach and Cheyenne are enjoying a Jamaican honeymoon at Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay.

Following their September 29 nuptials, the couple waited until they got their finances in check before boarding a plane to Jamaica.

Zach and Cheyenne shared some footage from their resort on social media. Ahead of the weekend, Zach took to his Instagram Stories, where he shared a video of himself complaining about some weed he purchased locally.

“What is this?” Zach asked his wife, who was across the room. “Good thing, me being smart. I threw some in a turkey bag and made it. So we good.”

Next, Zach showed his followers the turkey bag full of marijuana he had brought along with him and Cheyenne on their flight for their post-wedding getaway.

Teen Mom critics drag Zach Davis for bringing drugs on honeymoon

A Teen Mom critic captured the Story and shared it to a Reddit thread captioned, “WHY IS ZACH BRAGGING ON VIDEO ABOUT SNEAKING WEED ON A PLANE AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT.”

Others took to the post’s comments section, where many called out the MTV star for broadcasting his stash, especially given his criminal record.

One of Zach’s critics felt it wasn’t a smart move to publicly share footage of himself carting drugs into another country, as he’s in the public eye and “the wrong person” might see it.

“If my husband and the father of my son was flexing about something like this, I’d get the biggest ick EVER,” read a comment referring to how they’d feel if they were in Cheyenne’s position.

teen mom fans take to reddit to slam zach davis for bringing drugs on his honeymoon
Pic credit: u/GlitteringNeck20/Reddit

Noting that Zach shared video evidence of the drugs in his possession, another Redditor wrote, “They should arrest him just because he is so f**king stupid!! What next coke???”

Bringing up Zach’s criminal record, another Teen Mom critic said Zach sharing video of himself with weed in his possession was “not the best move.”

Zach Davis’ criminal past

Zach was sentenced to 120 days in jail following a 2020 arrest for DUI. He was also ordered to pay a $500 fine, serve 60 months of probation and four days of community labor, and participate in an 18-month licensed alcohol education and counseling program.

However, Zach only served one day of his 120-day sentence. After checking himself into Los Angeles County Jail, he was released a little over 24 hours later.

In January 2022, Zach was arrested for outstanding warrants while going through customs at LAX following a Mexican getaway with Cheyenne and their kids, Ryder and Ace. Zach’s warrants were triggered by charges involving theft and a DUI, for which he violated probation.

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