Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers have mixed feelings about Amber Portwood’s relationship with Leah

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah Shirley
Amber’s relationship with her daughter Leah is still strained and Teen Mom viewers gave their opinions. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

Teen Mom OG alum Amber Portwood continues to struggle in her relationship with her daughter, Leah Shirley.

Amber’s past is riddled with controversy. The MTV star has battled drug addiction, was convicted of domestic battery, and detailed her promiscuous early years in her book, So, You’re Crazy Too?

The mom of two spent time behind bars in 2011, losing custody of her daughter Leah, whom she shares with her ex, Gary Shirley. However, after her release, she and Gary agreed to split custody of Leah, with Gary maintaining primary custody, allowing Amber visits with their daughter.

During the premiere episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Leah celebrated her 13th birthday and decided that she wanted her mom to be included. Amber met up with Leah, Gary, and his wife Kristina at a restaurant to celebrate Leah becoming a teenager.

Amber noted that she was hopeful of receiving a hug from Leah and shared during a confessional, “We’re working on our relationship and I’m being patient. Last year, my daughter asked for space and I’m doing my best to be present for her while respecting her boundaries.”

The dinner went off without a hitch, but Amber announced that she had to leave early. As Amber began to walk towards the door, Leah got up from the table to give her mom a hug, although Amber seemed a bit standoffish.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers react to Amber Portwood’s interaction with Leah for her birthday

Following the episode, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, viewers took to Twitter where they shared differing views about what went down, with some showing their support and happiness for Amber, while others felt her actions showed bare minimum effort on her part.

“I am so glad that Amber got the hug from Leah that she wanted,” tweeted one of Amber’s supporters.

Another felt differently: “Not Amber with this bare minimum energy & not even giving Leah a hug or kiss AND leaving early. Hall nah.”

TMTNC viewers take to twitter with differing opinions on amber portwood's relationship with her daughter leah
Pic credit: @jess_Jay_Josh/@ThatGirl_B/@isb***hbetter/@destiny_whocare/Twitter

Another Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewer, although supportive of Amber and Leah’s relationship, felt Amber could have put forth more effort as a mom. They tweeted, “I’m always rooting for Ambers relationship with her daughter but why does she always look bothered when she shows up to Leah’s events or why does she always leave early?? Ughhhh.”

“Y’all really getting thrills from Amber’s bad relationship with her daughter,” tweeted another one of Amber’s supporters. They continued, calling out the critics, “I would die inside if this happened to me. Maybe y’all not parents.”

Amber’s custody issues

Amber’s relationship with Leah isn’t the only one that’s strained. As Monsters and Critics reported, Amber lost custody of her son James – whom she shares with her other ex, Andrew Glennon – and the 4-year-old will be leaving her home state of Indiana for California, where he’ll reside with his dad.

Following the devastating news, Amber reacted to the judge’s decision. She said in a statement to E! News, “I’ve worked so hard to better myself and improve my relationships with my children,” adding, “I’ll never stop fighting for my children who I love more than anything.”

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