Teen Mom: The Next Chapter: Critics slam Jade Cline’s family for their behavior at Kloie’s birthday dinner

Christy and Jade Cline MTV
Teen Mom viewers felt Jade’s family acted inappropriately during Kloie’s birthday dinner. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline and her family are under fire by Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers who felt they made her daughter Kloie’s birthday celebration about themselves.

Jade celebrated her daughter Kloie’s fifth birthday with a family dinner, but Teen Mom fans think her family’s behavior was out of line.

Among those in attendance were Jade’s fiance Sean Austin, Jade’s mom, Christy, her stepdad, Corey, and several other family members.

The family met at a restaurant and things quickly escalated once Christy arrived. Christy was adamant about ordering alcohol with her meal, which Jade felt wasn’t necessary.

Jade and Christy continued to argue throughout the dinner, and things escalated quickly.

Following the episode, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers took to Twitter to criticize Jade and her family’s behavior.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers slam Jade Cline and her family for their behavior at Kloie’s birthday dinner

“The seating placements for that bday party for Kloie was s**t,” tweeted one disgruntled fan of the show. “Why was Jade at the head of the table? And Kloie was off to the side. And it should just be a general rule known to everyone that alcohol will not happen at a child’s bday party. Damn.”

They added a second tweet, questioning Jade’s choice of venues for Kloie’s birthday dinner and wrote, “Poor Kloie.”

teen mom viewers slammed jade cline and her family for their behavior during kloie's party on twitter
Pic credit: @TVAddict167 and @Angerlaa/Twitter

“Can we stop arguing during your child’s birthday party?? Be adults!!!” tweeted another viewer who felt the family’s interactions weren’t appropriate during a 5-year-old’s birthday celebration.

Another critic questioned how many more chances Jade is going to give Christy and called watching their family’s interactions “exhausting to watch,” slamming Christy as a “low life bum.”

Christy’s struggles with drug addiction

This isn’t the first time Christy’s behavior has been deemed out of line. Jade’s mom, who has a history of drug addiction, was gone for two and a half hours following Jade’s cosmetic surgery procedures. Christy was supposedly trying to find a pharmacy to fill her prescriptions for pain medication, but Teen Mom viewers bashed Jade for allowing her mom to fill the scripts, given her history.

Christy’s struggles with drug addiction have resulted in her serving jail time. Jade has bailed her mom out of jail, but Teen Mom fans have urged her to cut ties with her mom.

Despite what viewers know of Christy, Jade told her fans earlier this year that her mom is in a better place and it appears their mother-daughter relationship is on the mend.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to give her mom a shout-out, Jade told her fans, “You’ve been doing so well and I’m proud of you for how far you’ve came. Things get hard but you always bounce back.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.