Teen Mom OG recap: The Mackenzie is a double-dealing, pot-stirrer and she’s going to make Maci miserable edition

Mackenzie threw Maci under the bus with Ryan’s parents

Maci’s ingenious plan to unite and conquer Ryan’s parents with her baby daddy’s fiancé Mackenzie backfired big time this week on Teen Mom OG.

The ladies had brunch last week and discussed working together for the sake of Bentley.

Then Mackenzie turned around and told Ryan’s family everything. #Ouch

Poor Maci doesn’t have a clue.

She tells husband Taylor that she really likes Mackenzie, and wants to plan a get together for all of them with Bentley.

Maci says Jen and Larry may have a problem with Ryan stepping in and taking their time with Bentley, because she’s assuming Mackenzie is on her team.

“I wish there was an easy way around it but there’s not,” Maci says.

But when the day comes to go to the Escape Room together, Ryan and Mackenzie blow them off.

They don’t even answer their phones because they’re hanging out with Ryan’s parents, and Mackenzie is very, very busy throwing Maci under the bus.

Mackenzie tells them all how Maci spoke badly of them. And how she said Bentley doesn’t like spending time with them.

She’s a pot-stirrer.

“I was laughing when Mackenzie was telling me about it,” Jen claims, saving face.

“You weren’t laughing. You were pissed,” Ryan corrects her.

Ryan’s dad Larry seems to be confused about his role in his grandchild’s life. Just because his son is incompetent doesn’t give him any rights.

“I’m 56 and she’s 25. And I don’t need that,” Larry says that he may not be able to make decision for Ryan, but that he can for Bentley.

Um, Larry. Check yourself. You’re not Bentley’s parent.

“Tell her then,” Ryan says. Making his child his parents’ problem, yet again.

Mackenzie tells Ryan she has talked to an attorney, and she tells Ryan they should go for more custody.

Ryan says he wants an extra day every week, and every other weekend. That’ll go over well.

Farrah’s life would be just fine if her mother would go away.

“David is moving soon, and he’s coming to Omaha,” Debra explains that he’s going through the process of moving his medical licensure.

Debra tells her she wants a family wedding in Bora Bora.

Farrah’s trying to keep a straight face. She’s not going to Bora Bora for her crazy mother.

She tells Debra she and David don’t get along.

“He doesn’t have a problem with you,” Debra says.

“Don’t waste our family’s house on somebody who doesn’t deserve to be there,” Farrah says.

Debra tells her that David wants to repair the relationship, so Farrah and Sophia have dinner with Debra and David in Los Angeles.

Debra’s really hoping David will play a grandfather role in Sophia’s life.

I wonder how he feels about that. LOL

David’s face watching Sophia’s behavior at the dinner table

Sophie has atrocious manners. But I shouldn’t be surprised. I lost count of the obscenities being dropped by her mother and grandmother throughout the dinner.

“Nanny Fran has really been getting on my nerves,” Farrah complains to her mother.

She says the nanny is always bugging her to take care of herself and get sleep. Terrible advice, right?

“My plastic surgeon won’t even give me any more injections right now so I must be looking fantastic,” Farrah says. Uh, yeah.

“Tell her you got a mother and you don’t need her,” Debra says. Then she calls the nanny “fat and lazy.”

“Don’t waste all the therapy we had,” Farrah tells her mother she’s not a good mother so not to go there.

“I have my life. You have your life,” Farrah would rather just focus on her own life, without Debra.

Amber is having some problems at home.

She very busy launching a makeup line on her online boutique.

She goes to the spa, but it’s more like a therapy session.

Note to Self: Never allow myself to be filmed while getting a massage.

Matt thinks Amber is doing too much work, and acting a little controlling. She needs to work, and he’s bitter about it.

“Hey, excuse you,” Amber says, after Matt interrupts a call with her sales manager.

“Just let me do what I do with people that I know, and let’s move forward, just like we always do, and let’s have a happy life,” Amber says.

Okay then. That solves everything.

Amber takes her friend Annette wedding gown shopping, but makes the day ALL about herself.

She says she feels rushed to the altar by Matt

Then she has a conversation with a producer that seems very much like production is pushing her to have a wedding. They do that.

“I feel like if I get in a dress, I might feel different,” Amber says.

Way to steal your girlfriend’s thunder.

And Amber heads into the dressing room with a massive wedding gown.

The dress isn’t enough – she has to try on a tiara

Amber makes her friend’s wedding gown shopping trip all about herself

“How does it feel to actually be in a wedding dress,” the salesgirl asks.

“I don’t know,” Amber says.

Then she gets weepy.

“Okay, I’m ready to get out of this. Get me out of this now,” Amber says. And she behaves like the diva she’s always been.

Butch calls Tyler and tells him he’s relapsed again, and wants to call Dr. Drew for some help.

“The less I know, they less I have to understand,” Tyler tells Catelynn.

Butch tells Dr. Drew he relapsed on “the usual” – crack cocaine.

Butch does a Facetime with Dr. Drew to discuss his relapse

“It was a rough one. I had five years clean,” Butch says.

“I wasn’t really doing a program,” Butch says.

“Then why are you surprised you relapsed?” Dr. Drew asks.

“It’s a full time trying to be a drug addict,” Butch says.

Butch has lunch with Tyler and tells him Dr. Drew told him to work a program.

Tyler offers to drive him, or attend with him. Whatever it takes.

Things we’re left wondering

Does anybody actually buy anything from Amber’s online boutique?

Do Larry and Jen have any legal custody agreement regarding Bentley, or are they overstepping their bounds?

Does Tyler have a real job other than reality TV? Just curious.

How long was Butch out of jail? Can’t be more than a couple of weeks.

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