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Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham talks plastic surgery fail, says chin implant made her the ‘most insecure’

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham gets real about the plastic surgery she hated and what it did to her confidence. Pic credit: ©

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has been no stranger to the plastic surgery world over the years. In fact, she looks completely different now than she did when the show first started, and not just because she’s older.

Even though she’s had plenty of work done, Farrah admits that not all of it made her feel good.

Which plastic surgery made Farrah so insecure?

Having a chin implant put in has been Farrah’s biggest regret when it comes to all of the cosmetic procedures she has had done. In fact, Farrah denied even wanting the chin implant, as she stated that she “did not ask for it” when she went in for her nose job, so she was “in disbelief” after the surgery.

Farrah admitted that the chin implant she had done “freaked her out” anytime she saw herself in photos or on video or looked in the mirror. She hated how she looked, which caused her many insecurities and self-confidence issues.

Farrah told fans that her doctor told her to give it a year, and then if she still didn’t like the way it looked, to go back. Indeed, she did just that after the year time period was up.

How did the surgery change Farrah?

She claimed that after that surgery, she felt the lowest she ever had in her life, as she thought everyone looked directly at her chin and not at her as a whole person and body.

She also said that led her to make worse choices regarding her body and the adult entertainment world. Farrah declared that when she made the tapes in the adult industry, she didn’t regret anything she had done; instead, she regretted only how her chin looked in the videos. That was the only thing she could focus on.

Farrah claimed that having that surgery done behind her back while under anesthesia and then how she looked after it for the next year was detrimental to her social and emotional well-being and caused her to become depressed.

What other cosmetic surgeries has Farrah had done?

In more recent years, Farrah has had breast implants, a breast augmentation, and then a third job was done to correct something that had gone wrong, causing her pain and a burning feeling.

She also had a nose job and lip injections in the past, thus causing Farrah to look like almost a whole new person. Farrah has made an abundance of changes to her body, but not much difference in how she treats people.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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