Teen Mom OG fans react to Amber Portwood saying she’s ‘been bisexual’

Amber Portwood and her mom Tonya of Teen Mom OG
Amber Portwood told her mother, Tonya, she has “been bisexual” in a preview for the next episode of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood revealed to her mother that she’s “been bisexual” in a preview clip for the next episode of Teen Mom OG and viewers reacted.

At the end of the Tuesday, October 5 episode of Teen Mom OG, a preview clip showed Amber talking to her mom Tonya on the phone.

Amber Portwood says ‘I have been bisexual’ in preview for Teen Mom OG

“I have been bisexual,” Amber told her mom Tonya, who looked surprised by Amber’s statement.

Next, Amber was shown sitting on the couch saying, “I was gonna go to the grave with this,” seemingly talking about her sexuality.

Amber’s confession likely comes as a shock to most Teen Mom OG viewers who only know of Amber’s relationships with men from the show.

When Amber first joined the cast of 16 and Pregnant, and then eventually Teen Mom OG, she was in a relationship with her first baby daddy, Gary Shirley, with whom she shares a daughter, Leah.

Teen Mom OG fans will also remember Amber’s relationship with Matt Baier, who Gary Shirley infamously outed for having several secret children with other women.

Then there was Andrew Glennon, the cinematographer with whom Amber shares son James, 3. The couple’s relationship was featured on Teen Mom OG before news broke that Amber reportedly attacked Andrew with a machete while he held their son, James.

Until the coronavirus pandemic put an end to their long-distance relationship, Amber also dated her Belgian boyfriend, Dimitri Garcia, who was also featured on several episodes of Teen Mom OG.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Amber might have had relationships with women that Teen Mom OG viewers may not know about.

In 2012, rumors circulated that Amber was involved with a woman by the name of “Sugarfoot” from prison who reportedly has Amber’s initials tattooed on her neck. However, Amber has never confirmed the story.

Also, during a 2014 taping of a Teen Mom “Ask the Moms” special, Amber alluded to having sexual relations with women while she was in jail.

Teen Mom OG fans react to Amber Portwood’s bisexuality

Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram shared a screenshot of Amber’s clip stating she’s “been bisexual” and fans of Teen Mom OG chimed in with their reactions.

teen mom og fans reacted to amber portwood saying she's "been bisexual"
Pic credit: @teenmomfanz/Instagram

“Anything to try to keep a storyline,” wrote one Teen Mom OG fan who felt Amber saying she’s “been bisexual” was a way to garner attention and keep her segments alive on the show.

Another fan of Teen Mom OG felt that Amber was using her bisexuality admission as a distraction technique.

They commented, “Gotta get the viewers’ minds off the couch and the self pity party so let’s come up with bisexual lol okie dokie then ? when will she go away?”

One fan of Teen Mom OG felt as though Amber has more pressing things to worry about in her life other than her sexuality.

amber portwood said she was "gonna go to the grave" seemingly with her bisexuality
Amber insinuated she was hiding her sexuality in the preview clip for next week’s episode. Pic credit: MTV

Their comment read, “She needs to worry about not looking like a dope head and that fake crying instead of worrying about her sexuality right now ??”

Teen Mom OG fans will have to tune in next Tuesday, October 12 to find out if Amber delves deeper into her sexuality claims.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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