Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Floyd goes off on her sister after stressing about VLCAD testing

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne went off on her sister while talking about genetic testing. Pic credit: MTV

In this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers watched Cheyenne Floyd struggle while waiting for genetic test results, and she took out her frustration on her sister.

Cheyenne and Ryder were visiting her mom, Margaret, her sister, R Kyle Lynn and her nephew, Baaz. Cheyenne discussed her anxiety about awaiting genetic test results for VLCAD.

Ryder was born with VLCAD, a rare genetic condition that doesn’t allow the body to break down fatty foods like most people. Given Ryder’s history, Cheyenne and her boyfriend Zach got tested during her pregnancy with baby Ace.

Cheyenne admitted that her anxiety was ‘all over the place’

Cheyenne admitted to her mom that her anxiety was “all over the place” as she felt her test results were taking too long. Cheyenne started to cry when she voiced that she hated to even have to get tested at all.

Cheyenne was convinced that something was going to be wrong, but her mom reassured her that she had already been through this with Ryder, and Cheyenne cried, “Yeah, and what happened last time?”

Cheyenne’s mom, Margaret, tried to calm Cheyenne as she cried about awaiting genetic testing. Margaret told her, “We have a perfect little being here, and we’re gonna have another perfect little being coming out,” speaking of Ryder and baby Ace.

Cheyenne admitted her anxiety has been “so bad this week” waiting for results. Chey’s sister offered to take the kids if she needed time away.

Cheyenne said, “This is rough. I feel like it was not this rough before!”

Margaret reminded Chey that every pregnancy is different. Cheyenne was frustrated with her legs itching during this pregnancy.

Cheyenne snapped at her sister, admitted she felt like she was ‘going crazy’

R Kyle tried to commiserate with her about having itchy legs, but Cheyenne rolled her eyes while her sister talked, then snapped, “Nobody cares about you!”

Chey then wiped away tears as she said, “I feel like I’m going crazy.”

She admitted that she’s struggling to keep up with four-year-old Ryder, along with being worried if new baby has VLCAD.

Cheyenne said, “I’m just over all of this. I just feel like I’m losing it.”

Cheyenne continued to cry and said, “I don’t want to talk about this, I’m sorry.”

Cheyenne’s moods have been affected during this pregnancy

Zach Davis and his brother Conner of Teen Mom OG
Zach talked with his brother Conner about Cheyenne’s pregnancy. Pic credit: MTV

Earlier in the episode, Cheyenne’s boyfriend Zach talked to his brother, Conner, about Cheyenne.

He claimed that he does everything to help her, keeping everything “perfect” around the house, and seemingly has done nothing wrong.

And yet, Zach claimed that Cheyenne still found things to get on him about. He admitted to Conner that he’s “gotta suck it up” and revealed that he and Cheyenne pray on it every night.

Cheyenne got graphic talking about her pregnancy and birth with Ryder recently. She has admitted that she’s had a rough pregnancy this time around.

Fans of the show are wishing Cheyenne and Zach the best and are looking forward to meeting baby Ace early this summer.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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