Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards ordered to pay court fees stemming from 2018 accident

Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards has been ordered to shell out money to cover court costs in the wake of his 2018 car accident. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards has been ordered to pay court costs in relation to a car accident from 2018.

Ryan was sued by plaintiffs James and Janet Byrne, who claimed that Ryan was driving “negligently and recklessly” when he rear-ended James Byrne’s 1997 Nissan pickup truck with his 2018 Ford pickup truck.

According to the civil complaint, Ryan “violently” struck the truck and hit it so hard that Byrne’s head broke the rear window.

The complaint read, “The collision was of such force as to cause the back of Mr. Byrne’s head to strike the rear window of his pickup truck and break the window.”

The Byrnes also alleged that Ryan had his dog in the front passenger seat of his truck and that he was “distracted” while driving.

Ryan Edwards ordered to pay the court fees in accident case

Now, according to court documents obtained by The Sun, Ryan is being ordered to pay the court fees stemming from the accident.

The Plaintiffs, James and Janet, have reportedly agreed to pay the medical expenses and accident costs.

The case was scheduled to go to trial on Nov. 9 and was supposed to last “two or three days.” But, per The Sun, the parties settled their case outside of court before it went to trial.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Ryan made a request to the courts ahead of his now-canceled Nov. 9 trial date.

Ryan’s filing requested that his past arrests and drug abuse be overlooked, deeming them unrelated to the case.

The statement read, “Defendant has conceded simple fault for causing the accident at issue, and these other matters would be extraneous, irrelevant, confusing, unfairly prejudicial and unduly burdensome to the Defendant.”

Fans crave drama Ryan brought to Teen Mom OG

Ryan’s financial woes come on the heels of the 33-year-old losing his job with MTV after appearing on Teen Mom OG for over a decade.

Teen Mom OG viewers are well aware of Ryan’s struggles with drug addiction, as they watched on the show.

Ryan’s struggles with addiction and run-ins with the law ultimately affected his relationship with his eldest son, Bentley, who he shares with baby mama Maci Bookout.

Now that Ryan is no longer a part of his ex Maci Bookout’s storyline on Teen Mom OG, many viewers think Maci’s segments focusing on her PTSD and PCOS are a “whine fest” and have been craving the drama that Ryan once brought to the show.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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