Teen Mom OG: Maci Bookout gives update on relationships with Ryan Edwards’ family

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG and Larry and Jen Edwards
Where does Maci Bookout’s relationship with Ryan Edwards’ parents Jen and Larry, stand after the reunion? Pic credit: MTV

After a dramatic ending to last season’s Teen Mom OG reunion special, Maci Bookout opened up about her relationship with Ryan Edwards’ family.

Teen Mom OG fans watched as Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney faced off against Ryan Edwards’ parents, Jen and Larry, during the reunion.

Things got so heated that Maci and Taylor ended up storming off the set when Taylor and Larry nearly got into a physical altercation on stage.

Ryan, his wife Mackenzie, and his parents Jen and Larry were fired by MTV in March 2021 and are no longer part of the Teen Mom OG cast.

Maci Bookout talks about her relationship with Ryan Edwards’ family since their firing

Now, Maci has opened up to E! News about where her relationships stand with Ryan’s family since the dramatic ending to the reunion.

“Right now, we honestly don’t have any real communication or relationship with them,” Maci revealed.

“As far as Jen and Larry go, I’m not sure if that will change or will not change. I just know how I feel. I don’t want it to be forced,” the 30-year-old mom of three added.

When it comes to her interaction with Jen and Larry, Maci admitted that she is willing to repair their relationship, as long as it’s organic.

“I don’t want to force everyone to just move on and get over it. I think if it works out and everyone feels okay and right about mending the relationship, then I’m all for that,” Maci admitted.

Maci said that only time will tell what will become of their relationship and that she’s only looking for genuine interactions with the Edwards family.

“I just don’t want it to be something that is forced or unnatural because I just don’t think you build solid relationships or mend solid relationships if it’s not genuine. We’ll see,” Maci said.

In the meantime, Maci is focusing on her marriage to Taylor and raising their three kids. Maci shares son Bentley, 12, with Ryan Edwards, and she and Taylor share daughter Jayde, 6, and son Maverick, 5.

Maci is focusing on her marriage to Taylor and raising their kids

Speaking of her and Taylor being outnumbered by their kids, Maci told E! News, “There’s three of them and only two of us. There’s a lot of divide and conquer where we’re just so busy and taking all the kids to all their things that by the time we get home, it’s pretty much the first time we’ve been able to be in the same room for the day.”

Maci admitted that she and Taylor are trying to find ways to stay connected, despite busy schedules that keep them miles apart at times.

“We’re really just looking for help on navigating this chapter or this stage of our marriage in life and how to find ways to stay connected even when we’re all over the place and in different areas of the city and sometimes even different states,” Maci stated.

“We just don’t want to look back in five years or 10 years and be like, ‘Man, we really did not put any effort into continuing to like, get to know each other as the people that we’re becoming and stuff like that.'”

“Don’t be scared, but I feel like it’s something that a lot of people experience in their relationships, especially if you’re outnumbered by your children.”

Maci put her family’s health at the top of the list of things for which she’s thankful and told the outlet, “I would definitely say with everything that’s going on in the last year and a half, I am most grateful for my family and my health. You can’t buy healthiness.”

“There are things that money can’t buy and I seem to have a lot of things that money can’t buy. I’m just really blessed. I am just very thankful for my family and our health because it’s crazy times right now.”

Teen Mom OG fans can tune in tonight for an all-new season and catch up with Maci’s storyline for the first time without Ryan and his family.

Teen Mom OG returns Tuesday, September 7 at 8/7c on MTV.

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