Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards shares story of stolen debit card, illegal pawn shop purchase

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards
Mackenzie shared the details of a thief going on a shopping spree with her debit card. Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards was recently the victim of a peculiar theft and shared the story with her fans.

Mackenzie told her fans that a thief somehow got ahold of her debit card numbers and used them to make a fraudulent purchase.

What was peculiar about the incident is that rather than going on an expensive shopping spree or spending all of Mackenzie’s money in one place, the thief only made one small purchase at a local pawn shop.

Mackenzie Edwards details stolen debit card and pawn shop purchase

The 25-year-old mom of three took to her Instagram Stories where she shared details of the ordeal with her 542k followers.

“Whoever decided that it was going to be a good idea to steal my debit card numbers and go buy something from the EZ Pawn, um, on Rossville Boulevard, and if you’re from Chattanooga, you know, you know. If you know, you know. Please… why did you do that?” Mackenzie opened her video.

The newly brunette former reality TV star continued, “Please don’t do it again. I had to spend my entire morning shutting off my cards, getting new ones, all because of somebody buying $28 worth of something at the EZ Pawn.”

“So, please don’t do that. Also, how you gonna steal somebody’s card and only spend $28? At least buy something good at the EZ Pawn. Those pawn shops have some good stuff. My grandfather took me to them when I was growing up. It’s one of my favorite pastime indulgences is going and scouring the pawn shops.”

EZ Pawn operates like most pawn shops, offering quick cash and/or loans in exchange for items customers want to sell. Pawn shops often carry a large variety of merchandise, so Mackenzie’s thief’s $28 purchase remains a mystery.

Mackenzie’s life since Teen Mom OG

Lately, Mackenzie has been sharing her fitness journey and newfound love of fashion on social media with her followers.

Her recent appearance change caught the attention of Teen Mom OG fans who felt she was channeling another mom and alum from the franchise, Chelsea Houska.

MTV ended Mackenzie’s time on Teen Mom OG last year when they fired her husband Ryan Edwards along with his parents Jen and Larry. However, Mackenzie doesn’t have any plans to return to Teen Mom OG: “I have values and I have morals and I’m just not okay with it anymore. I would work until my fingers bled before I went back.”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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