Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers proud of Ashley and Bar after latest episode

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith
Ashley Jones and Bar Smith make progress with Dr. Bryant. Pic credit: MTV

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion, viewers saw Dr. Bryant sit down with Ashley Jones and Bar Smith to see if she could help them with the issues they are struggling with and dig deeper into what might be causing these issues.

After Ashley revealed that she wanted Bar to step up more as a husband and that the marriage (they got married shortly before the show started to film), is not what she thought it would be.

What did Dr. Bryant ask Ashley Jones and Bar Smith about during their session?

When Dr. Bryant asked Ashley about what she thought marriage would look like and why it wasn’t meeting her expectations, Ashley revealed that she thought there would be more romance in a marriage… and she feels as if they are more like best friends and roommates than a married couple.

As Dr. Bryant tried to talk with both Ashley and Bar, she got information out of both of them that made each of them realize they could do things better individually to then make the partnership more positive and successful.

Viewers loved this session with Bar and Ashley and had so many good things to say about how it went for them. They were proud of the couple for their maturity, mutual respect, and willingness to work on things that need to be worked on.

What did viewers have to say on Twitter about Bar and Ashley’s session?

Some viewers commented on just the therapy session, as they said, “That session with Ashley and Bar… wow. Honest/pure. It really makes you think more about the other person in your relationship and how you’ve been treating them.”

Another wrote, “I am proud of Bar.”

Pic credit: @AshleySumbler/Twitter, @Peeps1908/Twitter

What did viewers and Dr. Bryant find out about Bar’s past during the therapy session?

Bar then went on to talk and say that he knows what he has to do to be successful and driven, but when it comes down to it, he always seems to falter and fail.

When prompted on why he would feel this way, and who, in his past, made him feel like he was never good enough, Bar got extremely emotional. In fact, Dr. Bryant had to walk him away from Ashley to get him to open up.

While Bar told Dr. Bryant no one actually had said those words, “You are not good enough” to him, his dad was never around because to his dad, dope and drugs, were more important to him than being a father and being there for Bar throughout his life.

As they came back to Ashley and the discussion, Dr. Bryant explained that this was the role model he had as a father figure and that maybe he doesn’t follow through because he thinks he’s expected to fail. Add that to how Ashley sometimes approaches situations, and Bar just kind of shuts down.

While Ashley said that she has learned how to approach Bar better over the years, she knows she still has work to do in how she speaks to him and can fly off the handle when things are not done to her expectations. She also let it be known that she does need to trust him more and share more responsibilities with Bar with their daughter, Holly, and just in general.

How did Bar help Ashley during the ropes course and zip line activity?

Bar also helped Ashley through her fear of heights with the zip line and the ropes course. She struggled and didn’t want to zip down, but finally, Bar talked her through her fears and got her to face them, as she flew down the zip line. Ashley was later filmed saying that she didn’t want to disappoint Bar, and it was him who finally gave her the strength to go. Fans also loved this portion of the show, as they again took to Twitter to comment.

Pic credit: @AMOURCHAR/Twitter
Pic credit: @MszLilOne_MME/Twitter

In the end, both Bar and Ashley seemed like the session really helped them as individuals and as a couple moving forward. They both openly said they know they have things they can work on separately and together as a married couple if the marriage is going to continue to flourish and even work.

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