Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers bash Farrah Abraham for posting on social media during trauma treatment

TMFR star Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham has been active on social media during her time at a trauma treatment facility and critics slammed her for it. Pic credit: WE tv

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham has been active on social media while she’s receiving treatment at a trauma treatment center, spurring critics to think she’s not taking it seriously.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Farrah shared a message with her followers before heading off for treatment at a 28-day program.

Farrah told her followers that she was taking some time away to heal and during a video on Instagram said, “There’s really no easy way of saying this, so I’m taking a moment before I am headed to … a trauma treatment center for 28 days.”

Farrah Abraham posts to OnlyFans account while at trauma treatment center

Now that Farrah’s been away for about a week, she’s still staying active on social media – on OnlyFans, to be precise.

From her treatment facility, Farrah recently shared a message with her OnlyFans followers that read, “CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’m on my 3rd day of my treatment trauma center! 25 more days to go! Reminder limited on my phone til March 28 then time to celebrate!”

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers took to Reddit where they criticized Farrah for going on social media while she’s in treatment.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers bash Farrah for using social media during treatment

“She needs a hell of a lot longer than 25 days to make a dent in her behaviour,” wrote one Redditor.

Another TMFR viewer sarcastically penned, “I think Farrah is taking this VERY seriously. ?”

“She types like she posting an ad on Craigslist for her services,” their comment continued.

Another sarcastic commenter mocked Farrah’s recent arrest: “So glad to see Farrah is taking this seriously (insert eye roll here). She’s probably going to celebrate by getting wasted and slapping a server. As one does.”

In January 2022 Farrah was arrested for battery after she allegedly slapped a security guard while out to dinner at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood.

redditors commented on farrah abraham using social media while in treatment
Pic credit: u/BellaMizer/Reddit

Farrah’s plans to enroll herself at a treatment center were met with criticism when some accused her of lying, saying it was likely court-ordered therapy due to her arrest.

“It’s court-ordered for sure. Get a grip and hopefully you’ll join the real world in 28 days,” said one of Farrah’s critics.

Another wrote, “Are you sure this isn’t court-ordered rehab?… the world is looking for a miracle.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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