Teen Mom Family Reunion: Briana DeJesus refutes claim that Devoin is more of a father figure to Stella than Luis

Briana claps back at a critic who says Devoin is more of a father figure to Stella.
Briana claps back at a critic who says Devoin is more of a father figure to Stella. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus, star of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Family Reunion, clapped back to a critic who said that Devoin Austin has been acting like more of a father figure to her daughter Stella than her actual father, Luis. 

In previous episodes of Teen Mom 2, we have seen Briana have a very up and down relationship with her daughter Nova’s father, Devoin.

The two now have been able to start co-parenting in a better atmosphere. However, there are still a few disputes between them. 

Briana is always talking about how Luis is never present

We have also seen in recent episodes where Luis Hernandez, who is Stella’s biological father, is not really present in her life. Briana is constantly saying how she wishes Luis could be more present and how she needs more financial help from him and for him to “do his part.”

In many episodes, we do, however, see that when Devoin does come over to see Nova and get her for the night, Stella runs to him as if she is his daughter as well. In the past, Devoin has also included Stella on outings with Nova rather than leaving her home.

So that is probably why the critic thought that Devoin acts as more of a father figure to Stella than Luis does because Devoin is more present in her life. 

Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

The critic went on to say, “why do you give devoin such a hard time when he’s more of a father figure to stella than louis.” 

Briana responded, “This is also not true. Luis just doesn’t film so y’all don’t see it.” It’s interesting to see Briana disputing this when it’s very apparent in all of the episodes that we see Devoin in where he is interacting with Stella more.

Briana claims that it’s not true solely because Luis does not film, yet when she is filming, she talks about how Luis is not present for Stella.  

Briana calls Devoin a bare minimum father

There was even an episode where Stella was supposed to be going with her dad Luis. However, she was so scared, and she didn’t even want to be there with him, she feels more comfortable with Devoin, so it is easy to see why people would think that Devoin does act like more of a father figure to Stella then her actual dad just based off of her mannerisms toward him. 

In a prior Teen Mom 2 reunion, Briana referred to Devoin as a “bare minimum father” but then, in the next breath, she wanted to praise him for being so loving to her other daughter Stella. 

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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