Teen Mom Family Reunion: Ashley Jones tells fans it’s ‘part of her job’ to interact with them

TMFR star Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones told her fans that it’s not her job to “restart” drama, but to interact with them. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Ashley Jones let her fans know that it’s not her job to “restart” drama, but it is part of her job to promote the show and interact with her fans.

Ashley is one of the moms and dads from the Teen Mom franchise who joined the new spinoff show, Teen Mom Family Reunion.

The spinoff combined casts from across the Teen Mom franchise, past and present, and put them together in a resort-style hotel in San Diego.

During their stay together, the moms and dads participate in group activities led by their life coach, Dr. Bryant (who Ashley is hoping will replace Dr. Drew on future Teen Mom reunion specials).

Ashley has already played a major role in TMFR’s drama this season, getting into an altercation with castmate Jade Cline on the first night during a mixer that started with Briana DeJesus’ comments about Ashley being “fake.”

Although Jade and Ashley claim they’ve squashed their beef with each other, and fans watched Briana and Ashley talk out their issues, TMFR viewers are still talking about their fight.

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Ashley Jones clears the air about feud with Jade Cline

Ashley took to Twitter recently to explain to TMFR fans that not only have she and Jade moved past their feud, but also that part of their job is to interact with fans of the show.

ashley jones tweeted to fans that interacting with them is her job and not to recreate drama
Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

First, Ashley responded to a tweet from a TMFR viewer who was tired of hearing about the drama between Ashley, Jade, and Briana DeJesus.

The disgruntled viewer’s tweet read, “Y’all this drama between @jade_desere, @xobrianadej, and @_mermaidbarbie is old news! I’m getting annoyed with people talking about it still. I believe they all moved on from it! So, ladies please continue to be you and stay strong! Be who y’all are!”

Ashley retweeted the post and quoted it with her own caption that confirmed she has moved on from the drama between herself, Jade, and Briana.

“We have,” Ashley simply replied.

Ashley Jones tells fans it’s ‘part of her job’ to interact with them

In another tweet shortly afterwards, Ashley explained to her followers, “I just want you guys to keep in mind that it is [a part] of our job on this show to promote and interact with you all.”

“We are not trying to restart drama, or rehash drama,” Ashley added. “We are all just stating how we felt in that moment.”

Being in the spotlight isn’t for the weak-hearted, and along with the support the moms receive from their fans, they also receive plenty of hateful comments and DMs. Ashley has found that sometimes the best way to deal with her haters is to keep it simple.

As the newest cast member to join Teen Mom 2 last season, Ashley had a message for her haters who were unhappy that she replaced Chelsea Houska: “Don’t watch then.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.