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Teen Mom Family Reunion: Ashley Jones lashes out at ‘mean’ online messages, calls Instagram an ‘evil place’

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Ashley Jones calls Instagram an 'evil place' due to online trolls.
Ashley Jones lashes out about nasty online comments. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Ashley Jones just lashed out at online trolls in a series of posts shared on social media. The 24-year-old aired her frustration at the fact that whenever a photo is posted online people are quick to leave nasty messages and comments.

In her rant, Ashley also called Instagram an “evil place” and positioned that social media has become an arena to tear people down instead of bringing people together.

As a reality TV personality, Ashley knows all too well what she’s talking about — having had to field crude comments since her time on 16 & Pregnant when she opened up her life to TV viewers.

Unfortunately for the former teen mom, more people having access to social media means more trolls writing nasty comments, but Ashley has grown tired of the negativity.

Ashley Jones says Instagram has become an ‘evil place’

The Teen Mom Family Reunion star took to her Instagram Story to air her disappointment at the current state of social media and the things people write online.

“Instagram has really become an evil place. The comments and messages are just so mean,” wrote Ashley. “Everyone is so sensitive and on defense. Can’t post a picture chilling cause someone will call you broke. Can’t post a picture Gucci down cause someone will say you are trying [too] hard.”

She continued to air out all the things that people find issues with the moment something is shared online.

Post without your kids? CPS needs to place them with a family that cares,” noted Ashley. “Unfollow your man cause he’s on your nerves? toxic and unhealthy relationship.”

MTV star Ashley Jones slams social media trolls
Pic credit:@ashleysiren/Instagram

After sharing several examples of things that online trolls tend to pick apart and comment on, Ashley added, “Y’all kill me with the high power, wanna be better attitude. The judgemental attitudes.The talk about everyone who took a different path attitude.”

“Social media has made it easy for weak people to become strong…social media has become a place not for bringing people together but for tearing them down,” added the MTV star.

Ashley Jones is appalled by the nasty comments

The Teen Mom Family Reunion cast member seems to have gotten some positive comments after airing her grievances about the social media trolls.

However, Ashley responded to her supporters and clarified that her comments weren’t specific to just her page but about the nasty things that people write in general.

“I appreciate all the nice messages but I’m talking about the overall environment, not just my page,” wrote Ashley in another Instagram post.

MTV star Ashley Jones slams social media trolls
Pic credit:@ashleysiren/Instagram

“The audacity that people have in these comments, [I’m] appalled,” she added.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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