Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans posts disturbing video of Nugget and her children

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 posts a video of Nugget. Pic credit: @Image Collect / StarMaxWorldwide

Teen Mom 2 fans already know MTV kicked Jenelle Evans off the show in favor of Jade Cline from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

The decision stems from her husband, David Eason, who has been uncooperative with the crew from the start. After a string of slurs against the LGBTQ community, MTV dropped him from the show.

But things got even worse for Jenelle. Not long ago, her husband killed her dog, Nugget, for “nipping” at their daughter Ensley.

The incident, which was reportedly bloody and traumatizing, caused a CPS investigation. Thus far, Jenelle and David have lost custody of the four children that were living in their care.

Jenelle’s children, Ensley and Jace, have gone to live with Barbara Evans, their grandmother. Her middle son, Kaiser, is living with his father, Nathan Griffiths.

Maryssa, David’s daughter, has gone to live with her grandmother. Jenelle and David made it known they’re not interested in regaining custody of Jace or Maryssa.

Since then, Jenelle decided to re-edit some videos of the good old days and upload them to her YouTube channel. With 69,000 subscribers, few of them were happy.

Jenelle’s latest offering shows David and herself with the children and some of the animals that live on their farm. Included in the video is the late Nugget, whom David is alleged to have beaten to a bloody pulp before shooting.

Fans were not happy with Jenelle’s judgment, asking what is wrong with her and why she felt the need to post videos of Nugget.

Some suggested she needed the money for lawyer’s fees since David’s actions have landed them in court repeatedly.

Some fans christened her “Delusionelle” while others slated her for posting a video of the dog. Many called David Eason a “psycho” and animal torturer.

Jenelle no longer appears on Teen Mom 2, but her antics still land her in the public eye.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus, but Teen Mom OG premieres Monday night at 10/9c on MTV.

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