Teen Mom 2 viewers think Jade Cline made Sean’s recovery about herself

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline came under fire following Tuesday’s episode for making Sean’s rehab stint about herself. Pic credit: MTV and @jadecline_/Instagram

Jade Cline is being criticized by Teen Mom 2 fans for making Sean Austin’s rehab stint and recovery about herself.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jade’s longtime boyfriend and baby daddy Sean checked himself into rehab to combat his drug addiction.

Sean checked himself into the facility last year, but the events are currently playing out on Teen Mom 2. Sean traveled from Indiana to Texas for his four-month stay at the treatment facility.

Jade Cline, daughter Kloie visit Sean Austin in rehab

During a visit to the facility with their daughter Kloie, Jade and Sean talked about his progress. He was originally slated to stay for three months in treatment, but the staff decided another 30 days would greatly benefit him, so he extended his rehab stint.

Kloie was ecstatic to see her dad after months apart, but Jade didn’t seem as excited, according to many Teen Mom 2 viewers. During their visit, Jade complained while Sean proudly talked about the improvement he’s made.

Jade talked about the house she just bought and brought up the fact that she’s had a lot going on between taking care of Kloie and working.

Teen Mom 2 viewers sounded off on Twitter, where many of them felt that Jade downplayed Sean’s progress and turned the topic around on herself.

Teen Mom 2 viewers think Jade made Sean’s visit about herself

“Not jade ruining the mood talking about how she’s stressed over taking care of her child, working and buying a house while seans in rehab for drugs,” tweeted one Teen Mom 2 viewer. “You cannot compare the two.”

Another disgruntled viewer said of Jade, “I feel like Jade prefers Sean not doing well because it makes her look better. She seemed more concerned about herself than him and his recovery.”

teen mom 2 viewers think jade cline made sean's rehab about herself
Pic credit: @reality_tea_vee/@DoubtfulDoughty/@Jessicacrowson_/@J_Rog18/Twitter

Another viewer echoed the sentiment: “I can appreciate that it’s hard being a single parent but I would rather be a single mom for 6 months while the love of my life and child’s father gets healthy… I love you Jade but you made that scene all about you.”

“Not Jade RUSHING Sean’s process!!! ??,” penned another Teen Mom 2 fan who felt it was a red flag that Jade wasn’t being as patient and supportive as she could have been.

Since returning home from rehab, Sean is a changed man. Teen Mom 2 viewers gushed over his healthier new look and happier demeanor. Jade shared with her fans that she and Sean reconnected instantly upon his return, and since then, things have been going better than ever.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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