Teen Mom 2: Vee Rivera opens up about anxiety and depression ‘getting the best’ of her

Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Vee Rivera talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Vee Rivera revealed that she struggles with anxiety and depression, which sometimes “get the best” of her.

Vee opened up to her fans about working on her mental well-being recently to reach out for help outside of her “everyday circle.”

Teen Mom 2 star Vee Rivera reveals battle with anxiety and depression

The 30-year-old podcast co-host took to her Instagram page to get advice from her followers and share some of her own tried and true techniques for battling mental illness.

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In her post, Vee shared pics of herself writing in a journal and reading from a book as she lounged on her couch.

“Dear anxiety & depression, f**k off ?,” Vee captioned her post.

“I’ve been working on ways like writing & reading more to ease my mind & also just giving my brain a break from social media sometimes!”

Vee explained that she talked about her search for a therapist on the latest episode of Baby Mamas No Drama, the podcast she co-hosts with Kail Lowry.

“On today’s episode of @babymamasnodramapodcast I talked a little about starting therapy & being on the hunt for a great therapist. Sometimes anxiety & depression can get the best of me and it’s ok to reach out for help outside of your everyday circle.”

Vee continued, “Someone told me “you don’t need an excuse why or a reason other than it’s good for your mental well-being” ?.”

“✨What are some things you are doing to help with your mental health?!” Vee asked her fans. “Sharing just the smallest thing can help somebody in need!✨”

Fans offer suggestions, Vee Rivera reveals her workout journey

Vee’s followers were happy to oblige and flocked to her comments section to leave their tips for battling anxiety and depression.

One of Vee’s fans mentioned exercise as a great way to cope with anxiety and depression, and Vee revealed that she started her workout journey early this morning.

vee rivera started working out to combat anxiety and depression
Pic credit: @veeautifyme/Instagram

In response to a fan who mentioned doing CrossFit for “intense mind and body stimulation,” Vee revealed her own workout journey has just begun.

“i just started my workout journey and today i woke up at 5:45 to go to the gym and I feel amazing!” Vee told her fan. “I’m excited to keep up the momentum and see how my body feels and how it helps over time!”

Vee also shared a selfie to her Instagram Stories early in the morning, with her head resting on her hand as she smiled, fresh-faced for the camera.

“Good morning, up & headed to the gym! ??” Vee captioned her pic.

vee rivera started her workout journey and shared on instagram
Pic credit: @veeautifyme/Instagram

When it comes to keeping her mental health in check, Vee’s podcast with co-host Kail Lowry can sometimes act as therapy.

Last month, Kail and Vee deleted one of their podcast episodes after it turned into a heated “therapy” session between the two.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Vee changed up her look recently with a “big chop,” cutting off her long, caramel hair and sporting a gorgeous, shorter, darker look.

Vee looks happy and healthy with her new look and her exercise journey in motion, so here’s to hoping she continues to help others as she navigates her own struggles.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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