Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline unbothered by ‘chubby’ remarks, says she wants to ‘get fat in peace’

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline
Jade told her fans she just wants to “get fat in peace.” Pic credit: @thehairnerds/Instagram

After Teen Mom 2 fans slammed Jade Cline for gaining weight, she clapped back with some sarcasm.

Jade made headlines last year when she went under the knife to have a Brazilian Butt Lift and full-body liposuction performed.

Teen Mom 2 viewers watched her agonizingly painful surgery play out for MTV cameras during last season’s memorable storyline.

Since undergoing cosmetic surgery, Jade has been sharing sultry pics online, showing off her results. However, a recent video showed that Jade has seemingly gained some weight.

Video of Jade Cline twerking at Briana DeJesus’ party surfaces, Teen Mom 2 fans call out weight gain

Jade was in Florida over the weekend celebrating with her Teen Mom 2 co-star and BFF Briana DeJesus, who threw a “Bash Kail” lawsuit victory party. Plenty of pics and video footage were shared by Briana’s party guests on social media.

One video from an Instagram Story made its way to Teen Mom Chatter 2’s Instagram Feed, where Teen Mom 2 viewers took notice of Jade dancing in the third slide.

Sporting an above-the-knee, bubble gum pink, sequined dress, Jade danced alongside Briana and her sister Brittany DeJesus, letting the sisters take turns slapping her ample derrière.

Teen Mom 2 fans who watched the video commented on Jade’s figure, pointing out that she had gained some weight, and felt as though she wasted her money on the BBL.

“Jade looks a bit, umm, well, not as slim anymore. Guess that surgery isn’t that long lasting??” read one of the comments. “Waste of money anyway. No way is she preg with all the drinking. Eating good apparently. But man ppl knock Jenelle. Lol it’s ok to have that belly!! No one actually cares. Go eat and be happy and quit having painful surgeries that cost a fortune and do nothing!”

teen mom 2 viewers noticed jade cline gained weight and called her out on IG
Pic credit: @teenmomchatter2/Instagram

Jade Cline unbothered by negative comments, just wants to ‘get fat in peace’

Some of the comments made by Teen Mom 2 viewers made their way back to Jade, who then took to Twitter to send a sarcastic message to her fans: “Why when you get chubby everyone wants to bring it up lol can I get fat in peace plz thanks.”

jade cline tweeted that she got called out for gaining weight and joked about getting fat in peace
Pic credit: @jade_desere/Twitter

This isn’t the first time Jade’s surgery results have come under fire by Teen Mom 2 fans. Last summer, after Jade shared a video of herself twerking in the street, her critics came for her, feeling as though she got “ripped off” with her surgery results.

For her part, Jade seems to be confident with her results and isn’t letting the negative comments take center stage. She recently proved that she’s unbothered as she sunbathed in a blue bikini and told her fans and critics, “Minding my own business and living my best life.”

The Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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