Teen Mom 2 preview: Nathan Griffith wants full custody of Kaiser, Briana breaks it down to Devoin

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans faces custody drama from Nathan. Pic credit: MTV

There’s a new episode of Teen Mom 2 airing tonight on Bravo and there are developments happening in the lives of the five mothers featured on the show. In Florida, Briana DeJesus will have a heart-to-heart conversation with Devoin about their daughter Nova.

Even though Devoin has stepped up and is more present, he still promises his daughter that he’ll show up when he doesn’t. Briana tells him that Nova tells her that she feels at fault whenever Devoin doesn’t show up for her. Of course, he’s there for both Nova and Stella, as Stella’s biological father Luis is not around.

In North Carolina, Jenelle Evans is learning that Nathan Griffith wants to file for custody of Kaiser. For years, he’s been talking about how he feels that David Eason and Jenelle could be abusing his son, and his mother has even gone after emergency custody after discovering bruises on him.

During the clip released on the official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account, Jenelle reveals that she’s tired of the custody drama and she wants it to end. Barbara tells her that she just wants everyone to get along. In the episode description, it’s revealed that their court visit takes a surprising turn.

While the preview clip only shows Jenelle and Briana, there’s more happening in the episode. Kailyn Lowry gets a surprising phone call from Vee about the child support battle that’s going on between Kailyn and Jo Rivera.

In South Dakota, Chelsea DeBoer is busy throwing Aubree a belated birthday celebration, which could take some focus away from the Adam Lind drama. She wants to focus on her daughter and celebrate her birthday, so Aubree doesn’t have to worry about the issues surrounding her father.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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