Teen Mom 2 pregnancy rumors: Is Kailyn Lowry pregnant with another child by Chris Lopez?

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry is facing new pregnancy rumours. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is facing new pregnancy rumours after an Instagram account called Teen Mom Shade Room claims to have pictures of Kailyn’s recent ultrasound photos.

The Instagram account posted a photo of someone holding two photos of a baby in the womb. All you can see in the photo is that the person is in a car and that the person has long pink nails with a unique golden tip.

The account claims that the person is Kailyn and that she’s holding the photo of her fourth baby.

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“Well…. according to Chris Lopez’s aunt…Kail Lowry is pregnant AGAIN by Chris … once again I love my Delaware connects,” the person wrote in the caption and it didn’t take long for people to question whether this rumour is true.

One person guessed it was her based on the nails. They argued that the nails look similar to Kailyn’s nails in a post from December 15, where she’s holding her new dog.

“I think she’s pregnant by the looks of her picture on December 15 she has the same nails as she does on the ultrasound photo. But who knows only she would know and this would be a really messed up way that someone else would announce something big like this instead of her,” the person wrote.

In the caption, she did say that her family grew by one more and said it was a boy. However, she was referring to the dog. And not everyone is convinced that the nails are the same.

“Nails are not the same,” one person wrote, questioning the validity of the post from Teen Mom Shade Room.

Of course, people asked Kailyn directly about the pregnancy. While she didn’t deny being pregnant, she did deny that she was in a relationship.

Kailyn would not be the Teen Mom star to face a pregnancy rumor, but there are rarely photos of ultrasounds that go along with the rumor. Lowry has yet to confirm a pregnancy, but her pregnancy with Lux was rumoured before she eventually confirmed it on her blog.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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