Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Lowry defends her recent decision to apologize to Jenelle Evans

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry says if you’re wrong, apologize. Pic credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry recently apologized to her former castmate, Jenelle Evans, for wrongfully accusing her of something she did not say or do.

Previously, Kail had thought that Jenelle had leaked her pregnancy news when she was pregnant with her son Lux, and she was furious about it because she had been keeping it a secret.

However, although the whole thing happened a few years back, Kailyn still thought the right thing to do was to apologize to Jenelle for blaming it on her. In fact, it came out that it was Vee, her podcast co-host and stepmom to her son, Isaac, whom she had with her ex, Jo Rivera.

While this was all documented on the recently aired Teen Mom 2 episode last Tuesday, it seemed that Kailyn and Vee were able to respectfully and maturely meet up and discuss the incident.

Kailyn Lowry felt like she needed to defend her apology to Jenelle Evans

However, for some reason, Kail has felt like she needed to defend her actions and words of apologizing to Jenelle after taking some flak from Teen Mom 2 viewers.

In a recent tweet, Kailyn posted, “Idc how long ago something is. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Apologies are owed.”

Kail Lowry tweet
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

What did fans and viewers have to say after Kailyn put out her tweet?

After reading her tweet, many Teen Mom 2 fans commented their thoughts and opinions on what Kail said, and almost all of them were in support of her.

One viewer could relate to Kail but spoke about a different issue entirely. She wrote, coinciding that it’s never too late to apologize, “I still feel bad for smacking my cousin with a toy car and leaving a small scar on his head when we were little kids. We are now in our late 30’s-early 40’s and I still apologize to him every time I see that itty bitty scar.”

Fan's tweet
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

Another Teen Mom 2 fan exclaimed, “Kudos to you Kail! You’re literally darned if you do or don’t. Apologizing is hard especially when you were wrong. Whether she accepts or not you did the right thing for you. Most apologies can be one sided as you have to be at peace with yourself.”

Fan's tweet
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

Two others loved that Kail showed the maturity and responsibility to state she was wrong. One stated, “That’s shows your growing and owning up to your mistakes is definitely not easy to admit your wrong specially in such a public setting forget all the haters.”

The second declared, “This shows your growth. Also speaks volumes of you as a person. Others would just joke and take more jabs than address their fault.”

Fan's tweets
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

One other fan also stood up for Kailyn and commended her by saying, “This is so very big of you and it takes a lot to apologize. Especially to her. I applaud you for your growth and maturity. You’re doing amazing Kail.”

Fan's tweet
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

While Kailyn has been through some tough times and hit some obstacles with fellow co-stars, and her baby daddies, it seems as if fans genuinely believe she has matured quite a bit recently.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.