Jenelle Evans lies about pregnancy on Teen Mom 2 and Kailyn Lowry is cold as ice

Jenelle denies she's pregnant on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle and David denying she’s pregnant on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2

On this week’s Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans fibs about being pregnant and Kailyn Lowry gets even colder towards Javi.

Jenelle and boyfriend David Eason are confronted by one of the show’s producers over a video where they appear to be talking about her being pregnant. They both flat out deny it but there sure is a lot of sniggering going on…

We all now know she was pregnant — and is now heavily so, as this picture which David posted on Instagram yesterday shows. The pair’s baby is due on January 28.

Meantime, Javi looks like he is struggling to adjust to Kailyn’s new frosty attitude to him. He’s round to get his accumulated mail and she won’t even let him use the house bin.

She also wants his keys back and he looks genuinely shocked when she checks his keys to make sure he’s not hanging on to one.

He’s clearly finding it hard to come to terms with the fact she does not want him around her or in the house.

Also this week, Jeremy is not exactly happy about Leah Messer’s plans for a break and Chelsea Houska finds out that Adam has fallen behind on child support.

Catch Teen Mom 2 – Privacy Please at 9pm on MTV-E.

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