Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry applauds Javi Marroquin after son Lincoln gets praised for being ‘role model student’

Kail Lowry and Lincoln Marroquin of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry gushed over her son Lincoln’s behavior at school. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry gushed to her fans about her and Javi Marroquin’s son, Lincoln, after he received praise at school.

Lincoln is apparently doing such a good job at school that his teacher took Kail to the side to commend her “role model student” son.

After picking up Lincoln from school, Kail gushed to her followers during an Instagram Story on Monday, September 20.

Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s son Lincoln is a ‘role model student’

“So, today when I went to go pick up Lincoln from school, the teacher stopped me and told me that Lincoln is a role model student, and she started to well up in tears and was saying, just like, how good he is all the time, and he’s always doing the right thing,” Kail told her followers on Monday.

She continued, “And, um, I was having a really crazy, chaotic morning … um, more chaotic than normal, and um, I started to cry because I just feel like … You just never know, like, what’s going on at school and if your kids are doing the right thing and you always hope that they’re doing the right thing and that you’re teaching them the right thing and um … I bawled my eyes out the whole drive home.”

Kail was sure to mention that she was excited to call Lincoln’s dad Javi and tell him what a good job they’re doing co-parenting their son.

“And I said, I can’t wait to call Javi and tell Javi, ‘You know, we’re doing a good job!’ We’re … everything is … the stars are aligning through all the s**t, you know.”

“We’re doing a good job, so shoutout to my seven-year-old who is a role model to other kids,” Kail said of her and Javi’s co-parenting skills.

Kail then turned the camera on Lincoln and asked him, “How do you feel? How did you feel when the teacher said those things about you?”

The sweet seven-year-old gave a thumbs up along with a very serious face for the camera.

“That’s it?!” Kail asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Lincoln replied with a smile.

“I cried, huh?” Kail asked Lincoln, who told her, “Yeah. I literally heard you.”

Are Lincoln’s parents back together?

Kail and Javi sparked rumors that they had rekindled their romance over the summer when they were seen spending more time with each other than usual.

Teen Mom 2 fans got extra curious when Javi’s phone’s Bluetooth showed up on Kail’s car radio. However, Kail had her rep set the record straight and said they were simply spending more time with each other due to co-parenting.

This summer, Kail and Javi teamed up as business partners, inspired by their son Lincoln, an avid sports fan.

Lincoln plays football, as seen frequently on Kail and Javi’s Instagram posts, so Kail and Javi decided to offer youth sports training camps across the country.

With all of the drama surrounding Kail with her three baby daddies, it’s refreshing to see that she has been able to co-parent effectively and can now reap the rewards.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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